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Name: Eater-of-Bears
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Adren
Breed: Lupus
Tribe: Red Talons
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
Sept: The Sept Of The Seven Hills
Pack: Alpha of The Blood Savages, Patron Under Orca

Notable Traits:

  • Scarred Left side of his face.
  • Blast Wound and Huge Sword Wound on his Chest.

Forms Description:

Full Wolf.png
  • Lupus: Massive Red Furred Wolf.
  • Homid: Very Built and stands 6,5. Wheres a Red Flannel and a Baseball Cap, Ripped Blue jeans. But still looks like a Hairy wolfman.
  • Crinos: 10 Foot Massive hulking Red Beast of a Wolfman of Legends and Battle scars riddled all over his Body.
  • Hispo: Monstrous Dire wolf with battle scars on his face and chest.

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Bio: Born on May 20, 2015, in A Sept in Alaska before the Great Battles of The Apocalypse Begin, Eater-Of-Bears was nothing more than just a Cub trying to find his way as Both Garou and Wolf. His First Change Happen when a Rival Sept of Silver-Fangs did battle with his Home Sept and he was Forced to change into his War-form and frenzied into Battle. But even then that wasn't enough. The All lupus Sept was soon taken over by the Subjugation of the Alpha of the Silverfangs Septs Brother Kills with Words.

Years passed and harsh times followed and The Cub's time to undergo his Rite of Passage was soon at hand. Killer with Words tasked the young garou to slay all the bears on the mountainside and take the other cubs with him to do so. If he succeeded he would be named and granted the rank of Cliath. The only reason why The Cruel Alpha sent him on such and errand was because of a recent attack of Bear maiming a Silverfang Kinfolk. Kills with words wanted vengeance and was slowly going mad, so What better way to do this but by tasking a young cub to do the work and to tell the cub that the bears was possessed by banes.

So The Cub along with the rest of the other cubs went out into the wilderness and slew any bears they came across and feasted upon them for hunting was limited and the winters were long. The Young Cub didn't want to do this. He knew of the bears on the mountainside but he had to release the bears of their wyrm torment.The Bears and Winter provided them with great challenges and some of the cubs did not make it. The Young Cub Return with half of the cubs that was tasked with him, covered in the blood of bears. With insane glee, the Alpha granted him the Name Eater-Of-Bears.

Years Passed and Rage slowly building up within the now Adren Eater-Of-Bears alongside his all lupus pack The Crimson Wylds. They became a force to be reckoned with on the Sept until one day the Son of Kill-with-Words challenged Eater-Of-Bears to a Battle to the death due to the Red Talon questioning his leadership and his brashness. The Fight happened and Eater-Of-Bears slew the Son of Kill with Words. Soon after that Eater-Of-Bears was put on trial alongside his Pack and was soon to be sentenced to death. Until a Noble Silverfang named Brom Bladesinger vouched for him and got the sentence reduced. Thus Eater-Of-Bears & Pack were Banished and Satire to the Rank of Cliath. Thus Eater-Of-Bears & His Pack Vowed to Pay their Dept to Brom Bladesinger. Thus leaving Alaska with Brom and going to The Sept in Cincinnati.

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  • He Slayed the son of a well known silverfang
  • Led a War Party during his time as Wyrmfoe Of Sept Of The Seven Hills. To slay Broms Killer & Traitor to the Sept and now bears her Grand Klaive Of Kings.
  • He Really Really Really Loves Butterflies and Like Visiting The Butterflies Conservatory in His City.


  • "In these human-ridden days Griffin's Philodox children learn to mask our emotions with placid words. Eater-of-Bears is caged by no such expectation, and it shows. Although he wields a sword, he smells refreshingly of the Wyld." - Haunts-the-Forest
  • "Dude is loud as FUCK. And knows how to get shit organized. Love that shit." - Leftovers
  • "Quote." - Name

Red griffin adopted by jaclynonacloud-d4edfi4.png

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Player: Diamond.Welch US2017010052
Player Email: Player Email Contact
Storyteller: Diamond.Welch
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Location: Cincinnati,OH