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Ancient Nosferatu

Original Photo by Lory Stuurman "The best is yet to come." - Frank Sinatra


Drake Barkow of the Susurro Lineage

Gregoire Merovech of the Susurro Lineage

Mila Rurik of the Astrean Valerii Lineage

Madeline Durand a Daughter of Cacophony

Lisa Marie a Daughter of Cacophony

Gregario di Lorathio Giovanni de Bardi




Clan: Nosferatu

Sect: Camarilla

Status: Noble

Position(s): Primogen

Sire: Thomas Ockham (NPC)

Children: None


1730(?) – Born in North America
1750s – Becomes Nosferatu & goes to Europe with her sire; Prof. Thomas Ockham.
1759-1828 – Spent much of this time traveling under her sire's shadow.
1832 – Echo returns to North America by herself.
1838-1859 – Much of this time is spent traveling across North America on her own.
1845 – Meets Gore. They travel together for a while. They don’t meet again until 2002.
1860 – Sets up Haven near Colorado City & takes the surname of her sire.
Not long after Echo moves into the area she meets Josef Adamczyk & Anadia Hughes.
1915-1969 – Sometime under Prince Anadia Hughes, Echo held the title of Seneschal till she chose to step down. Maintains Primogen of her clan.
Current (2017) – Still resides near where is now Colorado Springs, CO & is Primogen for clan Nosferatu.

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Player Bio

Player: Sarah Wolf

MN: US2002076402

Domain: CO-015-D

VST: Jayme Wooster

VST Email: