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Physical description:

  • Space Year Created: 4066
  • Age: 45
  • Apparent Age: 25
  • Height: 6 foot 2 inches
  • Eyes: Left eye green, right eye white circuit board
  • Hair: Black and Blue hair that lights up.
  • Weight: 125 lbs.
  • Special Features: circuit board on right cheek, spikes on her right ear,a black spike leg, a diamond/pearl leg, light up leg and legs with knives.

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Character History

This can be known information Ad: Hiring through the Mercenary Union she would go undercover. With her style and quality she fits in at any party or gathering. With our new Echo Sun product you can get exactly the performance you asked for. Echo Sun has been enhanced with prosthetic legs and hyper reflexes to provide the experience you and your guests deserve.

Background: The Echo Batch destroyed the Cheiron labratory in 4111. This was the lab the Batch was made in and experimented on. Now free Echo Sun took the name Echo SunMai meaning Sun mine. A statement that she will never be owned again but that didn't stop her from taking jobs.

When escaping Echo Urban flew her around looking for a mechanic. After a while of searching they finally found (Adie Rombachs pc) and she made three sets of prosthetic legs hollowed out. After that Echo Urban took her to a location to buy her own private ship. She met (Warren schnwres pc) he promised to be her mechanic and would build her ship.

Since destroying the lab it seed the echo Batch was kill on site in the Core and possibly a sizeable bounty on their heads. She tried to keep a low profile unless a job and needed to be a distraction or impress someone. Albert Singh, one of the bounty Hunter catches glimpes of her but hasn't caught her yet.

Occasionally Echo SunMai gets a call from Mr Adlers for an item to retrieve and a number of people that might be in the way. She heads out to collect the item and maybe get some 'exercise'.

When she is not on a job she spends her time in the Verge in the Seren System at the Serenity Station far away from the Core.


  • Dancing
  • Making accessories
  • Being someone else
  • Making someone's night amazing


(Feel free to add yourself)

  • Echo Urban
  • Albert Singh
  • Mr. Adlers
  • Adie Rombach PC
  • Warren Schwres PC


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Character Inspiration

(Feel free to add any you think fit)

  • Vikortia Modesta
  • Mako Mori
  • Gazelle
  • Cyber punk
  • Underground Medical Movement


(More to be added as I review the songs)

  • Supernatural-Katy Perry
  • Prototype-Vikoria Modesta
  • David Bowie- Space Oddity
  • Shiney Toy Guns- Major Tom
  • David Bowie- Life on Mars
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah- Maps
  • Foster the People- Pumped up Kicks
  • Foster the People- Static Space Lover
  • Golden Earring- Radar Love
  • Ian van Dahl- Castles in the sky
  • Robert Miles- Children[Dream Version]
  • Darude- Sandstorm
  • Eric Prydz- Call on Me
  • O-Zone- Dragostea Din Tei
  • Kraddy-Android Porn
  • Counting Crow's-nest Big Yellow Taxi
  • Alice DJ- Better off Alone
  • Zombie Nation-state Kencraft 400
  • ATC- All around the World
  • T.a.T.u- Scream [fly dream]

OOC Information

Player Homepage: Brigitte Ames (Dallas)

MES Number US2005106702

Location Franklin, IN