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Commonly Known Information

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Name:Echo Urban


Type: Synth

Character Type Subgroup: Pilot

Union: Mercenary

Chartered Company: Unicomingos



Calm, vigilant, and adept at all matters technical, the Urban model is designed to be practically perfect in any engineering, aviation, astrogation, or technological application. Programmed for a high degree of "machine empathy", Urban will often detect, diagnose, and correct mechanical problems before the system's own sensors. Lightning reflexes and parallel processing allows for peak performance even under multiple stressors. Order yours today!

The Echo Batch destroyed the Cheiron laboratory in 4111. This was the lab the Batch was made in and experimented on. Echo Eve Facilitated their enlightenment and escape
. Fortunately or un, their escape meant the utter destruction of the Cheiron creation labs they were house in, along with the deaths of all of the scientists and staff assigned there.
Now wanted in the Core, the Echo group seeks freedom from oppression and the right to live their own sentient lives.

Batch Members

  • Echo Eve
  • Echo SunMai
  • Echo Urban

Bulletin Board (rumours)

  • Echo Urban is a crack pilot, who can fly anything
  • Echo Urban has mad skills in hacking
  • Echo Urban programs and runs drones
  • Echo Urban is a packet mule
  • Urban is responsible for helping Echo SunMai escape and find a capable mechanic to work on her systems
  • Urban helped Echo SunMai acquire her ship. Whether it was a legal transaction or not is another matter

Radio Chatter (quotes)

  • Urban? Ya, I know him. Used to drop by regularly when I wasn't assigned to the ass-end of nowhere. Why? Did he piss you off?Jaana Adair
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Names in the Contact Sheet

  • Jaana Adair - Doc Adair has been known to help Urban out with minor medical adjustments to his synthetic bioware. It is rumoured that they have a deeper relationship, but anyone that knows Dr. Adair knows that's simply not possible.

OOC Information

Player: Sam Bash

Player Email:

Storyteller: William Daugherty

Storyteller Email:

Location: Houston, TX