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Eddie Black.jpeg
Known Information
Current Name: Eddie Black
Notable Traits: Awkward Mobility, Personal Masquerade
Apparent Age: Mid-30’s
Occupation: Journalist/Writer
Clan: Pander
Sire: Anthony Bologna
Sect: Sabbat
Faction: Order of St. Blaise
Pack: Méconnu
Position: None
Status: Anoited
Archdiocese: Blood & Wine
OOC Information
Player:John Oliver US2002021299
VST: Kya Harris
Location:San Diego, CA

First Impression

Eddie is not afraid to speak his mind, often brandishing his sharp wit and sharper tongue. If he has something he feels needs saying, he is not afraid to say it.

He usually dresses the blend in, but if left to personal choice, he can usually be found in a sport's coat over a t-shirt and jeans. He usually wears a newsie cap and keeps a cane near at hand.

Known History

Eddie Black went to Vietnam as a young war correspondent from California. After three years in and out of the war zone, things went fubar with the squad he was with. It took him weeks to get out of enemy territory with the remains of the squad. His leg had suffered irreparable damage, but something happened to his mind as well. The optimistic journalistic died out there in the jungle. In his place rose a sarcastic cynic.

When Eddie came back to the States in 1973, he did not go home. Instead he headed back east, to New York and New Jersey. He worked as a freelancer, specializing in satire and social commentary. He had articles that appeared in publications like National Lampoon and Mad Magazine. However, he couldn’t pay bills on journalism alone, so he started working in a small club in Newark, New Jersey. It did not take him long to figure out he was working at a local mob hangout. Instead of writing about it though, he let himself be immersed by the culture.

The day the club was attacked, something clicked, or perhaps snapped, in Eddie's brain. He picked up a gun from one of the fallen mobsters and returned fire. He fell as well during the fight, almost bleeding out before Anthony Bologna decided to turn him, impressed by his sharp tongue, quick wits, but most of all, his moxy.

Eddie was Anthony Bologna's pack, filled with a number of other mobster types, for his initiation into the Sabbat. The embrace did not make his leg any better though, and neither did it grant him any additional physical prowess. Because of this, his packmates often called him "Slow Eddie," though Anthony preferred to call him "The Jokester." Where he really shined though was dealing with mortals. His skin did not lose the pallor it had when he was alive, and as a journalist, he knew how governments and mortal organizations worked. He excelled at being the face-man of the Sabbat to the kine. Which was often an underappreciated skill in the sect at the time.

He remained with Anthony Bologna and the mooks for about a year after becoming True Sabbat. He struck out on his own in 1980, seeking a new pack and new opportunities.

He found his place in the Order of St. Blaise shortly thereafter and helped shelter many Sabbat packs from the hunters at the beginning of the 21st-century, turning the attention of some onto other targets. He also helped shelter and recruit the increasing number of Caitiff into the sect.




  • "blahblahblah." ~name
  • "blahblahblah." ~name


  • There is something not right in that man's head. Just mode evidence Bologna and his blood are Malkavians.

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