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Name: Eddie Duke, aka DJ Bodydrop

Clan: Toreador Antribu

Bloodline: Ishtarri

Sect: Sabbat

Faction: Loyalist


Eddie Duke aka DJ Bodydrop, was born on July 3, 1952 as Edward Dunberg. Edward was interested in music from an early age, dropping out of school in the 1968 and running away from home to become a musician. Making his way to Philadelphia, he got into the music industry, and in the early 70’s learned about Disco. Becoming a DJ, he gained a small amount of popularity, and began to tour the United States. It was in California that He drew the attentions of his Sire, who Ghouled Edward for a year before embracing him as an Ishtarri Toreador.
During his year of accounting, Edward worked to break his attachments to the Mortal world, and reinvent himself in the Vampire world. At the end of the year, he changed his name to Edvard Prinz. Edvard spent the next few years in the service of his lineage, DJ’ing at clubs owned by the Prinz family. In 1985, he was informed by his Sire that they would be joining the Camarilla.
In 1990, he decided that the restrictions and practices of the Camarilla were not to his taste, defected to the Sabbat along with a friend. The pair learned about the ways of the Sword in the time that they were considered False Sabbat, and while Edvard began to buy into the ethos and pathos, his friend grew hesitant and afraid. Almost a year after their defection, and the Pack that held Edvard charged him with bringing him back, either alive, or in ashes. Edvard returned with an ice bucket full of ashes.
With his success, Edvard was Initiated fully into the Sabbat, once again changing his name along with his new un-life, this time to Eddie Duke. Eddie spent most of the next 10 years traveling around, mostly in Central and South America and the Southern United States, gaining a small degree of notoriety in the Sabbat as DJ Bodydrop.
In 2017, Eddie was hanging out in the basement of his Pack’s Haven, when they were attacked. Eddie didn’t have much of a chance to react before the house collapsed on him and he was impaled on a wooden beam. Two years later, he came out of torpor as the settling of a collapsed and partially burned house finally slid the beam out of his heart.


1952- Born
1976- Ghouled
1977- Embraced
1978- Exited the accounting
1985- Joins the Camarilla with many other Ishtarri
1990- Defects to the Sabbat
1991- Becomes True Sabbat
1990’s- Visits Rio a few times during Carnivale, DJ’s and parties, wheels, deals, and murders.
2008- Silence of the Blood Adopted, and the parties get much less bloody
2012- Blood Accords Happen
2017- Torpored when Pack Haven is attacked and burned down.
2019- Comes out of Torpor



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Player: Andrew Collins

Player Email: revaar61@gmail.com

Storyteller: Caroline T.

Storyteller Email: sunderedlands.masq@gmail.com

Location: MA-005-D

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