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Overture (Common known knowledge)

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Name: Eddie Starr

Notable Traits: Fame 5 - Lead singer of Distopian Dreams, Looks completely human, eats and drinks food

Sect: Camarilla

Bloodline: Sons of Discord

Lineage: La Maison des Rossignols

Social Class: Neonate


Arias (Timeline)

1993 – Born in Phoenix, Arizona

2003 – Selected as part of the All-Arizona Young Choir – Head of division

June 2003 – After urging of choir director, applies for the Music Advancement Program Pre College level at Juilliard

August 2003 – Accepted into the Juilliard Vocal Arts Department Advancement Program – Family moves to New York City, where Eddie is enrolled in private school, spending free time studying music and practicing for Juilliard

2009 – While attending high school and still studying in the Juilliard Music Advancement Program, is convinced by friend Alex to sing in a band. Eddie and Alex agree upon the name “Distopian Dreams”.

2010 – Eddie graduates as head of his high school class and is one of the tops of his studies at Julliard.

July 2013 – Band spotted by talent scout at one of their shows, a meeting arranged the next weekend. Band offered a contract on Lightning records, though Eddie puts in the contract that he has to be allowed to graduate from Juliard.

October 2013 – DD work on their first album, “Gazing into the Abyss”, which is released near christmas, with the first single “Sleepless Nightmares” rising high on the charts.

2014 – Graduates from Juliard. Days after graduation, DD leaves to go on tour of the U.S., arranged to open for Beast Rising. Parties with Beast Rising, especially Vex.

July 2014 – Embraced by sire while on tour. Tour continues while in accounting.

October 2015 – Returns to Phoenix after being released from accounting.

Press Release From Lightning Records

Distopian Dreams busted on to the scene in 2013 with the release of their first album "Gazing into the Abyss", the album rocketing up the charts, lead by the release of the single "Sleepless Nightmares". After their successful tour with Beast Rising in 2014, lead singer Eddie Starr lead his band back into the studio to work on their follow up album. It took over a year, but finally, in October of 2016, "Dante's Descent" was released to rave reviews. Distopian Dreams had a second hit album for their sophomore release, with the number of sales bypassing those of "Gazing" within the first month of release. The band is currently preparing for their headlining tour, expect to begin in late 2017.

Recitives (quotes)

  • "Are you even out of accounting?" - Kaius Drescher
  • "I do wish Eddie would concentrate more on his classical and operatic roots rather than on his more 'modern' work, though I am pleased that Distopian Dreams releases their work on vinyl, it would be a shame if they robbed the world of the quality and purity of analog recordings." - Soheil Aurelius Shaykh Isfahani
  • "I think he should be the death of me, if I were not careful." - Mariana Sofia Veronica Toetl-Giovanni
  • "I will adore Eddie until the end of time. Many comment on my relationship with him as it stands but I need no warning or education." - Pollux Xenos
  • "Mr. Starr is an amazing asset. A voice that is both entrancing and destructive all in one. A rare talent and one that I am happy to speak for." - Aranea Kensington
  • "Street cred, Eddie. Street cred. Even forgoing my idea, you'll go far." - Jozef Prinz

The Harmonic (Family)

Eddie is the youngest member of the Cacophonist lineage La Maison des Rossignols, or the House of the Nightingales.

Accompanists (Friends, Lovers, Rivals)


Stacee Jaxx - Rock of Ages (2012) - "...I sell out all right. Every seat, every stadium I ever play.."

Jim Morisson - The Doors - "Listen, real poetry doesn’t say anything; it just ticks off the possibilities. Opens all doors. You can walk through any one that suits you."

Roy Khan - Kamelot singer (1998 - 2011)

T.M. Revolution


  • Has multiple children across the U.S. from his tours before his embrace.
  • Before her embrace, Octavia Lyn worked for Eddie as the band’s “Merch Girl”. This menial task was a slight to her talents as an influence ghoul, and she never forgave him for it. Although they fake civil, they do not get along.
  • Octavia Lyn blames Eddie for her embrace.
  • Eddie had a very important New Year's Eve date with Mariana Sofia Veronica Toetl-Giovanni, but Octavia Lyn sabotaged it and double booked him so he had to cancel. The Emissary blames Eddy, not Octavia.


  • Words as Weapons - Seether
  • Poetry for the Poisoned pts. 1-4 - Kamelot
  • Stone Sour - Hydrograd - "I'm not better than you, I'm just better!"
  • Pentatonix ft. Lindsey Sterling - Radioactive

Looking for (ties/contacts)

  • Anarchs/Independents: Eddie tries to keep contacts in both the other groups, organizing meetings/deals between Elders/Ancilla in the Cam that do not want to be seen working with them. Looking for both sides of this, whether your the person that needed contact or the person that Eddie payed boons to to organize the get together.
  • Lovers/Ex-es/groupies (both pre and post embrace): Looking for most any of these. Were they lovers that ended badly? Were you simply a fan of the band that wanted to find out more about the lead singer? Maybe you didn't realize he was a vampire and thought you were going to get a snack?
  • Friends - Everyone needs more friends - Again, really looking for both Anarchs and Independents
  • Rivals - Are you a Toreador whose art is singing? Are you looking for someone to believe to be your rival? or maybe your another Son/Daughter who thinks it is silly that this talented singer is wasting their talent with this band...

OOC Information

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