Edgar, Corax Lost Cub

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Edgar

Notable Traits: Wild, ever-changing garb

Pack: Neighborhood Watch

Society: Unaffiliated

Sept: Unaffiliated, currently welcome at Sept of the Eastern Skies

Location: Boston, MA


Edgar was introduced to the Sept of the Eastern Skies by Lost Stories in August 2017. As a Lost Cub, his ability to clearly and concisely explain his history has been limited, but it has been established that he experienced his first change around 2 years previous somewhere north-west of Boston, and has been living in the city for a year prior to his run-in with his fellow Corax.

He has not been at Sept long enough to make many details known. He has a very strange sense of style, his garb tending towards bright colors and fancy clothing, though he despises shoes. He tends to be highly animated and easily excited, even in a formal setting. Astute observers would have noticed that he spent a lot of time with Chase Tales, though what that relationship entails is not well known. He has no other known associates, or apparent ties to any pack.


  • Edgar is not nearly as innocent as his fun-loving, curious demeanor might lead one to believe. For example, after a scouting mission he presented his crayon rendering of the ritual sacrifice having taken place with a big smile on his face.

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OOC Information

Played by Mark S.

Edgar, the official soundtrack of a bird-person

I love developing rich character histories. Edgar is a young bird, but please reach out if you're interested in character ties!