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Edmonda della Valiero

Commonly Known Information

Name: Edmonda della Valiero
Notable Traits: Raised in the Catholic Church and maintains her faith even after death.
Lineage: House Silex
Clan: Tremere
City: Atlanta, GA, USA
Sect: Camarilla


Edmonda della Valiero was born in 1860 in Florence, Italy. She married and raised two children before she caught the eye of an Iscaritine Giovanni, who forced her into servitude for 100 years. In the 1980s, she saved the life of a Tremere from House Silex who rewarded her with her freedom and a new life with the Tremere.


Edmonda’s Family Record


  • Edmonda followed her birth daughter Camilla to Atlanta so that she could continue to control her life.
  • Edmonda controls the Atlanta Triumverate leaders through vile blood magic.
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  • "Mother, if you do not leave the Chantfy for a visit, I am going to send Monte to make your Regent suicidally bored with life." - Camilla White

OOC Information

Player: Heidi P.

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Storyteller: George G.

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Location: Atlanta, GA