Edward Bainbridge

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Edward Bainbridge


Embrace date: 1850 CE
Generation: 7th
Clan: Tremere
Sire: Elaine de Calinot
Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
Current Location: Chantry: Charleston, WV
ST Point of Contact: MES ANST Masquerade and AANST Camarilla

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Physical Description

Scholarly to a fault, Edward has only three suits at any given time, which his servant has meticulously repaired upon countless occasions. The spectacles he wears are not an affectation; when he was Embraced, his vision was poor, his hairline was receding, and a paunch had settled around his midsection. Outsiders in other clans make the mistake of considering Edward harmless. Yet during high rituals, he is as passionate as a force of nature. His approach to magic usually involves assuming a particular persona of mythic significance during a carefully planned ceremony. He seems to transform his very identity when his craft demands it.

The Tremere primogen is blessed with the ability to enjoy food and drink. He usually exercises this ability for the purpose of drinking exotic teas. These and other "human" tastes help him assume an alternate persona, one that travels freely through mortal magical societies. It is a habit he adopts more often than anyone else in his clan, as he continues to research through experience.

Brief History

Edward Bainbridge was the Tremere primogen of London during the Victorian Age.

As a professor of anthropology and archaeology, Edward had a promising mortal career. Initially, his singular vice was a fascination with the occult.

Edward visited the Congo and met Elaine de Calinot, a powerful Tremere sorceress whose aegis of domain extended across the continent. As one of the clan's seven pontifices, she watched over African chantries from Capetown to Alexandria. The Empire's colonialism had given her an opportunity to discover methods of magic unknown on the European continent. To aid her in studying the forbidden, she began the controversial practice of Embracing mortal natives who had demonstrated magical acumen. When she discovered Professor Bainbridge, she turned the timid scholar from the light to a path of darkness. She then patronized his researches into activity across the African continent, encouraging him to learn from firsthand experience. She had chosen wisely.

Edward's knowledge of African magic made him a curiosity in Britain, assuring his fame within his clan. Years of devout service to the pontifex resulted in his ascension up the pyramid of power that is Clan Tremere. His ability to blend so thoroughly into other cultures, observe their magical practices, and assiduously document them earned him admiration in the scholarly circles of the Damned. When the spiritualist movement began, he eagerly participated in many such gatherings, quickly sorting the charlatans from the visionaries. As a panorama of occult societies took hold in Europe, he traveled widely at the behest of the pontifices, documenting the evolution of magic. During his decades of travel and research, Edward had encountered a vast array of disturbing supernatural activity.

Recently, Edward has been moved to the chantry in Charleston, West Virginia. Hardly the same as the British Museum of London that he had once declared as Elysium.

Chantry Description

Lords' Chantries are personal spaces where they pursue whatever mystical experimentations they desire. This information is not widely shared.

Known Childer

  • Emma Blake


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