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OOC Information
Player:Nick Russell
Member number: US2002076354
Player Email: Edwardus of Nottingham
Location: Chicago
Storyteller: Mark Harrison
Storyteller Email:

VST Chicago Masquerade


Information Known by Kindred Society

Name: Edwardus of Nottingham
Alias: Edward Notts
Clan: Ventrue
Social Class: Elder
Court Position: Primogen

Information Known by Ventrue

Title: Praetor
Dignitas: Esteemed
Lineage: Childe of Maryam Al-Karami, Childe of Julia Antasia, Childe of Tinia, Childe of Ventrue himself.


Abiding Status
Confirmed as an Elder
Privileged as an Elder
Established as an Elder
Noble as Primogen

Fleeting Status
Courteous as seen by Prince Izdihar Khoury


The House Al-Karami crestHouse Al-Karami


  • 13th Century Philosopher Linguist
  • Hailing from Nottinghamshire England
  • Embraced by Maryam Al-Karami and presented to the court of Paris France
  • 1488 Paris France: Formally declares membership to the Camarilla
  • Known to travel around Europe with the declared intent to study the works on contemporary academics and culture shifts.
  • 1789-1800 Assisted in the retaking of Paris from the Sabbat after the French Revolution
  • Known to have weathered the storm in England dueing two world wars
  • 2012 traveled to the United States taking stock and studying cultural changes to the King's English language.
  • 2019 Chicago United States: Travel to establish a base of study in the dynamic of Vampire Politics.



  • "You may find from time to time that my dear friend's abundance of patience and wisdom masquerade cleverly as indifference and apathy. I must believe they do, anyway. If I allowed myself to be taken in by such a deception, my heart would break." - Annette Voclain
  • "Admittedly, it’s the rare Ventrue who impresses me with both the patience to ask questions and the dicisiveness to act on the answers that he hears. Good to know that such Lords still exist." - Cyrus Eddington
  • "An old ally, although I knew him then under a different guise. He hasn't changed a whit. Endurance to even the ravages of time is an impressive feat of the mind more so than of the body for kindred. Truly an endurance of another kind." - Andrea Merkasi
  • "Elder Nottingham sows cleverness and reaps fields of respect. The field in which he grows his fucks, however, lies fallow and he has none to give." - Penance Valentine
  • " I keep wanting to call him 'Servius'. I don't know where that comes from. " - Carl
  • "Reminder of the lost pain, found again with passing albums behind my eyes. Click of the heels reels me, flit of the lace wounds. Not his purpose, his passage, his print on the letter toward me. Yet... no no not now! Time of now is subject. Now this crowned one keeps still since movement worth more with age. 'Tis now what he is. No mind to previous prattle of I, understand?" - Celestina the Taino
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