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Commonly Known Information

Name: Effie Tussocks

Notable Traits: Effie Tussocks doesn't look like much; average height and with approximately the same dimensions as a brick, she was built for endurance. Other, flashier synth batches produced beautiful killing machines; Effie's batch produced reliable ones. Usually dressed in a patch-less flight suit, Effie could disappear into a crowd were it not for the Cheiron barcode on her left cheek, which she has left unmarred, and a tattoo across her chest: ADAPT OR DIE.

While her appearance isn't notable, the way she talks certainly is. She's unlikely to be the loudest or most interesting person in the room, but she's lost the mechanical speech patterns many Synths retain. When it's mentioned, she points out that she's entirely human; perhaps not grown in the traditional way, but human nonetheless. Why shouldn't she sound how she pleases?

Type: Synthetic Human


Some years ago, a synth built for battle dreamed of something bigger than her mind could encompass. Genetically engineered to be a good soldier, but easily disposable, she wasn’t meant to last more than a year or two. Synths from her batch were created to be dependent on external neurotransmitters and lacked the ability to regulate their own sleep, much less have the capacity to dream.

No one was more shocked than 526 when she started and then never seemed to stop... and more, when she found that she could hear what she thought were other people’s dreams... but were instead echoes of lost souls.

Left for dead on a planet she had no hope of escaping on her own, Effie Tussocks was ill-prepared to survive on her own, much less encourage others to help her in this endeavor. And yet, somehow, Effie has made friends and enemies alike and carved out a place for herself in the galaxy.

The Stories I'm Telling

Friends in Low Places: Effie doesn’t want to be anyone’s enemy. She doesn’t even want to kill anyone, even though the first dozen years of her life guaranteed that would be her primary skillset as she Awakened. She’s looking to make friends, even though she’s pretty bad at it.

Looking in the Mirror: Most of Effie’s life has been as a grunt; being anything else is new territory. Six years isn’t a lot of time to build an entire life, but she’s doing her best. Who are you when you’ve never been anything else?

Do Synths Dream of Synthetic Sheep? Are Synthetic Humans even human? Does Awakening change that? Effie doesn’t know the answer, but she’s certainly looking for it in all the wrong places.


  • "This problem doesn't appear to require punching, which means I'm manifestly unqualified to handle it. You should probably find someone else." -- Effie
  • "So... Effie. Here I thought I had life figured out, specifically and clearly. Not only does she shatter that belief once... she just did it again." -- Corin Durant
  • "Effie is a wonder. Won.Der.Ful. Anyone who says otherwise I will glare daggers at. Pointy, money-bought daggers thrown by half the Mercenary Union. No, no, you don't understand. She is calm all through spending a night dealing with my life. That never happens." -- Prin Dawnbright
  • "Effie is the only person I can sit for a very long time with in complete silence. She doesn't have to fill dead air, and I don't have to explain myself to her. My only regret was I didn't meet her first. And no - you don't get to ask what I mean by that." - Radam
  • "She doesn't need me or anyone to protect her. She doesn't need me or anyone to justify her existence. But the Galaxy is better with Effie in it. Hurt her and I'll come down on you like the fist of an angry god." - Magnus
  • "The Hunter respects the Hunter; the Spirit honors the Spirit.” - Liro Ur-Rahat
  • "Effie is a fighter, a believer. You want to call her an idealist but don't, you are underestimating her. She may not always be focused on immediate pragmatism but her decisions are always calculated- she's just calculating how much good, real good- not feel good- an action will deliver. Effie was my ideal recruit, the model upon which I measured every soldier after, but she's more now." - Vek
  • "Your Quote Here!" -- Namey McNamerson


  • Effie is reliable, dutiful, and loyal. This gets her into a surprising amount of trouble.
  • Cheiron employees tend to blanch on the rare occasions they get close enough to scan her barcode. She takes an inordinate amount of pleasure in that reaction.
  • Effie and Radam are BFFs.
  • Effie and Prin Dawnbright are BFFs.
  • Effie and Magnus are not BFF's.
  • Effie has definitely never once murdered an entire room full of Cheiron employees to free Synths. Definitely not.
    • Okay, maybe.
  • Effie’s tattoo, “Adapt or Die” is the slogan of a Synths rights-bordering on synth-supremacy group.

OOC Information

Player: Roo Wetzel

Player Email: ma.sabatier@gmail.com

Storyteller: BJ McManus

Storyteller Email: dst@sfmyst.com

Location: San Francisco, CA