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"It's not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters."


Eibhir was only months old when his mother made the trip to come to America in hopes of a better life. A single mother, Eibhir's mother did not find New York to be very welcoming to a single Irish immigrant woman. She worked labor in factories, cleaned out back rooms and kitchens, and did everything she could to keep a roof over her and Eibhir fed. At the age of seven, Eibhir lost his mother to sickness. With no other family to turn to Eihbir, like many other unfortunate children, ended up on the street.

Eihbir learned well at a young age from his mother, you do what you can to make it. He worked hard selling newspapers, doing physical labor, and even got jobs in kitchens where his mother used to work. It was their that Eihbir learned two things about himself. First was that he had a love for cooking, food, and creativity with meals. he loved experimenting and seeing the faces people made when they ate his food. The second was that he had an affinity to money, making it, keeping it, and growing it. At an early age Eihbir started all sorts of money growth schemes and loan sharking. In time he drew himself a crowd of kids that formed into an entourage of life long friends, and beyond. One such friend, Jackie, was the one that gave Eihbir the nick name Eddy. Jackie's stutter made it hard to pronounce the traditional Irish name. One day, by accident, Jackie called Eihbir Eddy, and instead of correcting him Eihbir saw it was easier for Jackie and let it stick.

The five friends were side by side, thick as thieves, as the saying would go. Eihbir "Eddy", Jackie, Glenn, Otto, James.

When they were old enough, the five joined the great war. They fought side by side, and returned when the five returned home they used the money to continue their original activities, but now with a bigger scale. Eddy opened a restaurant and a bar. Using them as covers he brought in all sorts of power and money. This caught the attention of the Millner family who brought the five boys under their wing and gave them the Proxy Kiss.

When the families of New York started seeing potential and possibilities in the growing city of Las Vegas they sent Eihbir and his four friends out there to assist with the family interests. They continued their methods and schemes during the day time to help the money flow and garner control of the growing town. Eddy moved to San Diego in the late seventies as part of the extraction for the family to avoid much of the scrutiny of the F.B.I. who was now deep into Las Vegas looking for connections to organized crime. Eihbir helped get a lot of the family day time connections and dealings with the human world, that some of the elders have issues with, set up. Running multiple restaurants and bars through out the county, Eihbir still holds to his love for cooking and food.



* Eihbir, Eddy, is known to be still on humanity and has many features of still being human allowing him greater ease of handling the families mortal connections.
* Eihbir loves to cook. Food, family, friends, is very important to him. He loves having monthly parties for bonding, laughing and feeling like a family.

Time Line

* March 30, 1892: Eihbir is born in Ireland, six months after his birth Eihbir and his mother leave Ireland for America.
* December 24, 1899: Eihbir's mother dies, leaving him alone. To this day, as close as he is to fmaily, many who have known him know Christmas Eve is a very difficult night for him.
* April 6, 1917: Eibhir and his friends join the American forces fighting in the Great War.
* April 4, 1923: Eibhir and his friends are given the Proxy Kiss in New York and start their new life as Ghouls to the Giovanni family.
* October 14, 1942 Eibhir and the guys move to Las Vegas.
* November 17, 1978: Eibhir moves to San Diego to help intigrate and empower the Giovanni family already present.
* April 4, 1998: Eihbir, for his decades of exemplary work and effort, loyalty and honor to the family is given the Kiss and made a full member of the Giovanni family.
* July, 1999: The horrors of the week of nightmares drives the Sabbat up from Mexico. In an effort to save members of the family Eihbir drops a building on himself and the attacking packs.
* October, 2018: By this time Eddy's reappearance has been felt by others, leading to the rumors of his death to be false, but his efforts to protect friend and family all that more true. Coming back to the San Diego, CA area he sets up a chain of restaurants and just reaches out to be a friendly guy.

Rumors (Feel free to add your own.)

Rumors, lies and half truths

* He cooks well. Really well. Well enough that Kindred can eat the stuff without throwing it up.
* There is a story circulating that he is one hell of a dancer, and was a part of a band at one point.

Quotes from, or About Eddy. (Feel free to add your own.)


Much of Eddy's inspiration comes from multiple sources. His body language, accent and social ques come from the character Cal Lightman from the show Lie to Me, for starters. Much of his personality and way of engaging the world on larger scale, including his outlook on life and being happy comes from Jack Sparrow, as well as some of his body language and mannerisms too. His appearance, being a good looking man, is inspired with similarities to Colin Ferrell.

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Details Known by the I.A.

Name: Eibhir O'Keeffe-Giovanni
Alias: Eddy
Clan: Giovanni
Generation: Neonate
Embraced: 1998
Joined the I.A.: 2017

OOC Information

Player: Daniel Goode US2010096650
Email: Email Me
Location: San Diego, CA
Storyteller: Cameron McCoy
Contact: San Diego Cam/Anarch