Eight and a Half Tales

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Eight and a Half Tales

Here's some deets

Name: Shawn "Sionnach" Hayes, "Eight and a Half Tales"

Details: Homid (Kojin) Galliard (Kataribe) Kitsune

Rank: Adren

Notable Traits: Red Fox



Sept: Better Options Sept

Tales from the Past

Eight has been in Vancouver for a few times, he even brought over the Caern Seed when the sept was starting. But he's ventured quite a bit, especially since 2009 when he was able to leave Asia permanently. And while he's traveled extensively throughout Canada and the States, he doesn't seem to tell tales of his life.

Tales of Eight (This is where you get to put thoughts and opinions!)

Tales told (Rumours)

  • He's happy and friendly all the time. Clearly he's a mole
  • Why does he work in City Hall? Isn't he a little too young for that?
  • He has eight (EIGHT?!?) kids! Wow!
  • He lives on a boat!

OOC Information

Player: Cliff S.

Storyteller: Valeria S.

Location: Vancouver, BC