Eileen Oliver

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Eileen Oliver, Giant Slayer

Tribe: Fianna
Lineage: Fannon (Related to the O'Mannion lineage)
Sect: Sanctum of Gaia
Rank: Fostern
Titles: Den Parent of the Sept of the Eastern Skies
Player: Keisha W.
Domain: Boston, MA
VST: Dan C.


Description and Notable Traits

  • Wild and loose brown hair, usually with a cheery grin.
  • Often in black and tan, like her packmates, but usually with knit textures


Allies, Associates, and Enemies


About Eileen Oliver

  • "In addition to being a cousin, Eileen is a great one to have at your side, whether in combat or carousing. When the Boston Fianna finally DO throw a party, folks best brace themselves." --Kieran McNamara

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