Eleanor Westmont

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Eleanor Westmont

Eleanor Westmont at Elysium

English Name: Eleanor Westmont
Arabic Name: Umm al-Noor al-Sreer (Mother of the Secret Light)

Commonly Known Information

Known For: Kindred historian, archivist, book dealer
Social Class: Pretender Elder
Clan: Ventrue


Eleanor and her allies

Eleanor mentions from time to time that she was born an English Puritan sometime during the early years of the 17th century, but usually skips over whatever sequence of fortune caused an English Puritan to receive the Embrace in Nicea in 1652, especially since Ventrue have never been common in the Middle East.

She was Acknowledged seven years after her Embrace, in 1659, in the court of Prince Anna Comnena. However, she would soon flee Nicea after her sire's unfortunate death in 1692. She found herself in Cairo, sheltered there by allies of her late sire's.

At some point, Eleanor converted to Islam, a faith she has never abandoned. Though she usually does not give the precise year of her conversion, it must have happened while she was mortal; for she also claims to have completed the Hajj.

She dwelt in Cairo for slightly over a century, leaving the city just ahead of Napoleon's arrival. She headed for Berlin, looking forward to reconnecting with Europe and the other Ventrue. However, Berlin was a bit of a culture shock for her, and the orphan Ventrue struggled to find her place. Taking advantage of the unrest in 1848, Eleanor finally returned home to England. On the verge of claiming her status as an elder, she did much better for herself in Oxford, becoming assistant to the local Praetor.

When war came to Europe, she fled, risking the trip across the Atlantic in 1943. She made her way slowly across the American continent, finally landing in Orange County in the early 1950s. However, disdaining the petty prince, she avoided court for several decades until his abdication and the assumption of power by the current Emir, al-Katharah. He has named her his Keeper of Elysium, and she enjoys putting on various social events for the Kindred of Bortucal.

She also serves as the Praetor for the Ventrue of Bortucal.


Eleanor Westmont
  • Eleanor is rarely seen without a hat or veil of some type.
  • Eleanor's adherence to Islam and her love of learning have caused her to be investigated several times over the course of her unlife, under suspicion of being an Assamite infiltrator. Certainly, Eleanor was quite pleased when the Assamites joined the Camarilla.
  • Eleanor implies her sire was murdered; in truth he was executed on the orders of Prince Anna Comnena.
  • Eleanor thinks in Arabic.
  • Eleanor has been adopted by the Nosferatu.
  • Eleanor's haven is just a labyrinth of books surrounding a reading desk.
  • Eleanor may be a Jinx herself. She leaves behind her a trail of corpses.
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Eleanor comes from a humble line, especially for a Ventrue. Some might even call it obscure.

She gives her sire's name as Fahim al-Basir, and his sire's name as Isia al-Farsi, and usually avoids describing her lineage in any further detail.


  • "Peace be with you." - Eleanor herself.
  • After coming back from her most recent Elysium, Elder Keeper Westmont has singlehandedly secured her position as Keeper of Bortucal in one night. I can not remember the last time I had such a memorable night on Elysium grounds that involved games. Most Keepers fail at holding my interest, but there is something special about this fine lady and I can not put my finger on it. That said although I have only met Ms. Westmont this year, I look forward to a healthy working relationship with the Ventrue Elder. Emmett Legrasse
  • "She rather reminds me of my boarding school days -- the perfect beacon of propriety. She seems to run a tight ship in her Elysium, which seems to be paying off. Good show." - Maxine Chambers
  • "This lady is just that, a Lady with a capital 'L.' I am totally convinced she could break you in half, but wouldn't bother, she'd have one of her people do it for her. That being said, she adds the perfect amount of class to our domain, I can't think of a better Keeper." Holly Wood
  • "She always seems bored at every gathering; probably because she rather be in her library with how much of a bookworm I hear her to be. To be quite Frank, I would like to be in her library as well." Elika Rezaee
  • في الماضي كنت الوصي عليك. الآن أنت تحرسني alKatharah

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