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Commonly Known Information

Name: Lady Eleanore Laurent of House Du Val
Notable Traits: A pleasant and vivacious woman who is quick-witted and "spirited" as they say...
Society: Camarilla
Clan: Ventrue (Crusader)
Social Class: {Ventrue ONLY:}
Title or Position:


Born 1501, Marseille, France; Embraced 1605, Malta


  • Add a Rumor
  • Lady Laurent does not wear Red clothing or accessories around the White Queen. In fact, she tends to wear a lot of black instead.
  • May be seducing a certain local Primogen.
  • Was so invested in a chess game with her cousin, Mr. Townsend, that they pair selected 16 souls each in the same city and proceeded to spend 20 years trying to best one another. No one seems to recall which city it was....
  • A Mint Julep is her favorite drink, though Mama Juana is a close favorite.
  • Lady Laurent knows many things about heeled shoes. This includes how much pressure is required for a normal heeled shoe to force down to the tip to pierce the skin. She may have had to do it a time or two. How she gets through Fortitude, she is not telling....
  • She was very upset at her broodmate, Mathias Hunt's final destruction. To the point where she actually had a public display of grief, gaaaasp!
  • Lady Laurent takes orders from the Clan very seriously. Seriously enough that when House DuVal was under a general censture in 2018, she refused to carry out any business. She declared it "vacation" time from kindred politics for her bloodline.


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  • "As if I would let any husband tell me what I am permitted to do.... you should read in in the Bible past Caine. You would find that women tend to nail miserable husband's heads to the ground with tent stakes." -Lady Laurent
  • ... but the scene she gets will be, he is still there, he is close to the end but not dead yet. He will not close the link, but the thoughts will become increasing scattered focusing on apocalyptical thoughts, of a battle in a snowstorm between gods and mortals with sliver blades and flame throwers.
  • Personally, I do not care what you do to make a long term avenue into the American markets. Money itself will always follow after good investments. --Lady Laurent to Damien Summers
  • “The Queen walked forth in all her fearful beauty and she came not as one accustomed to being called to account, but as one accustomed to great honour.” --Lancelot, Bishop of Riez, on Anne Boleyn at her trial
  • "But I get the feeling you are what they call a black widow." The Lady Laurent looks coyly at Æthered and says, "I will have you know I have not killed my husband in several hundred years.
  • "I always wanted to ask someone that. What if you had been without? It's fairly exciting, no?" --Lady Laurent to Tavish Du Val, who still probably believes it was a trick question.
  • "Yes. I do not like men telling me what to do... especially kindred ones. They often forget their place." --Lady Laurent to a Questioning Ghoul about conduct.
  • "It (The Masquerade) protects things of kine creation. Look at the banking system....kindred do not use currency. Our currency is not metals or something you can truly speculate. It is also hard to quantify. Without a public image, we are not able to truly deep claw and warp the currency system out of existence. We can tamper with it, but to truly remove it, we would expose much of us. If you think kine do not trust bankers...look at if they knew the man across from them was as powerful as they think and more. Our existence could destroy the world as it is known." --Lady Laurent to a student/scholar on the many avenues/views of the First Tradition.
  • "Traditionalist Ventrue Sires do not give their childer anything. They make them earn and fight for everything in order to prove that they are worthy of being in the clan of Kings. My Sire is Traditionalist... and a Crusader. Let that sink in." Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "I hear her necromancy is on point, and will rip your soul right out."Tavish Du Val
  • “At the moment? No. But **redacted** mentioned wishing you to assist with the specimens we collected recently.”
    • Lady Laurent: "Me? Dear lord, they are not slimy are they?"
  • ""The Accords are scheduled to be signed or not, soon. What do you think, Ambassador? Same as the course... or should I get a cannon emblazoned with your name on it?" overhead between the Lady and Ambassador Prescott.

Lineage - House Du Val

Associations/Character Ties

Your Name Description of tie to Eleanore Laurent.
Æthered the Ancilla A long time associate of House DuVal, or at least Elder Lamarca, "The Ancilla" has been spending quite a bit of time in the company of Lady Laurent. It is possible it is due to the rumor that she saved his life. Or maybe he owed her sire quite a bit of capital, and is now under service to watch the Lady as she continues her residency on the Island. Or maybe someone paid him off to make sure the Lady did not grow too lazy in her own domain. Whatever the truth is, they seem to be having quite a bit of fun.
Aleko The sometime student of the Camarilla and Elder Gargoyle. The two met at a gathering in the Island, where the Elder Gargoyle surprised her by wanting her to educate him on Ivory Tower politics. The Lady finds him to be an interesting subject as the gargoyles had been around the same politics for hundreds of years and yet, this one seemed to want to learn it from scratch...
Luciana Santora Martel DuVal The Lady has quite a temper, and no one knows that better than the younger of Lady Laurent's line. The rumor stands that Lady Laurent embraced Lady Santora in a fit of temper and proceeded to dump her into the ocean to swim back afterwards. Whether it is true or not, in 30 years time, the two must have settled their differences as they do not appear to be working at cross purposes.... at the moment.
Tavish DuVal Prince DuVal was Lady Laurent's first ghoul and first childer. It is argued that the reason why she embraced Prince DuVal was that he was the most talkative of men. He is also one of the few who has made her out right laugh in court, much to the chagrin of Lady Laurent at the time.
Mathias Hunt Broodmate, deceased. Beloved broodmate of Lady Laurent. It was said that the kindred siblings were close. Closer than one would expect from the ambitious clan they both contained the blood of. It is said that he reminded her of her mortal brother, which is why she would support his interests before her own. Lady Laurent was grief stricken (in public) when he died in 2017.
Elder Pau Lamarca Sire. It is possible that Elder Lamarca won Lady Laurent in a card game. It is also possible that she was a stowaway on one of his ships. There are rumors out there in some circles that Lady Eleanore Laurent walked up to Elder Lamarca and asked to be embraced. Whatever the true story about her orgins, Lord Lamarca and Lady Laurent are not telling. However, Lady Laurent has faithfully worked for House DuVal and the Lamarca Fleet for no less than 400 years without fail.
Damien Summers Mr. Summers had accompanied Lady Laurent for several years as a ghoul. In the 1970s he was passed to her childer, Luciana Santora who embraced him for his service to House DuVal. It is rumored that Mr. Summers is not the first Mr. Summers to work for the Lady. It seems that the Summer's family has been a constant source of ghouls, retainers and servants through many years. It was sad to Lady Laurent to hear of Damien Summer's tragic death in 2018 at the hands of an infernalist. The devoted childe of House DuVal had tracked an Elder creature devoted to the infernal to its lair and perished.

Playlist - The Economic Muse

  • Jimmy Iovine by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
    I appreciate the offer, thought that this is what I wanted, rather be a starving artist than succeed in getting fucked..''
  • Shiny (from Moana) by Jemaine Clement
    Did your granny say "Listen to your Heart, Be who you are on the inside?" I need three words to tear her argument apart...... YOUR GRANNY LIED. I'd rather be Shiny, like a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck...

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