Elena Orlov

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Known Information

Name: Elena Orlov
Lineage: Matriarch of House Orlov
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Titles: Elder, Primogen


Elena appears as an older woman, with long grey-white hair and a cane. Her hazel eyes hold secrets… if you but dare to ask.


Elena is just a quiet, grandmotherly type.


Known History

1486 - The Camarilla is formed.
1941 - Leaves Russia to join other family members in Boston, MA.


  • Elena has a ghoul who has convinced her to learn how to knit.
  • You’re better off not asking her how it is going.


From Her

  • “It is a small glowing box. I don’t know many people who would be comfortable with being offered a small glowing box from me.”

About Her

  • By all means, consider Elder Orlov a harmless old woman. Forget for the moment that she capably led her clan through the Nights of Turmoil. Ignore her razor-sharp mind that can open your flaws and secrets with the precision of a fencing blade. Only let me watch when you do. She has treated the Nosferatu of Boston with consistent courtesy and respect, and I see reason for that not to be returned in equal measure. - Stefan Hoffman
  • I would not give such deceptive creature time of day. Even though she looks frail, it has unholy strength. Nothing else to say of Elena Orlov. Why? Did she mention me?- Adyton
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Known Associates

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Who would be so rude as to have a polite old woman as an enemy?

OOC Information


Mother Gothel from Tangled

Player Info

Player: KP
Location: Boston, MA
Storyteller: Graham R.