Elend Valentine

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Elend Valentine

''This is not a tragedy; it's not an accident. You placed your faith in fools and now you'll smother in lament. They play the part of allies claiming peace their only goal, but once the fight for power starts they'll eat each other whole. Their iron gloves point fingers; they'll wage a war of blame, and mankind will wilt in pain..."

Elend is a fashion designer, musician, and minor celebrity in the Goth/Punk/Industrial scene in San Francisco. Born in Oakland, he grew up in the streets and was heavy into the punk scene where he learned to sing and play guitar; but his emotional intensity drove away everyone he loved; his family, band, friends, lovers, and in his loneliness he succumbed to depression and drug addiction. He was embraced at the height of the Goth scene, his music drawing the empathetic ear of a Toreador also in the throes of a deep depression. Sadly she was destroyed for it, and he has yet to truly forgive the Camarilla for taking her from him. He has a love for all things dark and broken and tends to project his romantic eccentricities on those around him, endearing him to Elder and Neonate alike with his cheerful nihilism, satire, bitter irreverence, and devil may care attitude.

The Corinthians (lineage)

A Rose by Any Other Name (allies)

Every Rose has its Thorn (rivals)

Pièce de Résistance (rumors)

Beauty is Truth (epigrams)

  • "Hey, fuckers!" ~ Addressing the Court of San Francisco's at the Toreador Gala
  • "There are three kinds of Elders; King George, Aaron Burr, and George Washington." ~ Sneaking Hamilton references into Kindred politics
  • "Dearest, you are always the prize." ~ Doting upon Lady Katheryn regarding Symbels
  • "Art isn't about material, technique, or aesthetic - it is about emotion, expression, and meaning." ~ Winning Don Vittorio's grudging respect
  • "The Toreador are the embodiment of Keat's truth; dedicating their night's pursuit to that which makes life beautiful to live." ~ Trying to impress Elder Siobhan McKenna
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Truth is Beauty (quotes)

  • "The play, Medea, is one that will always haunt me when I think of Elend. For what Madea says is this: I understand too well the dreadful act I'm going to commit, but my judgement can't check my anger, and that incites the greatest evils human beings do." ~ Winifred Harriet Mickel
  • "For sure like I remember him, emo, angry eyes, like bitchin eyeliner. He's like supes pretty to look at, and like fuck do I like someone who burns with passion. But like, I'm not into breaking people and like, dude seems fragile." - Karma
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Character Inspirations


Contact Information

Player: Christopher Foster

Storyteller: Patrick Colford