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Commonly Known Information

Name: Eli Allen

Notable Traits: On a Path of Enlightenment

Pack: Goliardia

Clan: Pander (Caitiff Antitribu)

Sect: Sabbat


Born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, Eli Allen near the end of the 19th century. He volunteered to fight in the Great War, and returned in victory. During prohibition, he fell in with bootleggers and rumrunners and moved to Chicago, where he was embraced in 1928.

Since then, he has traveled the United States, participating in battles and sieges in the name of Caine. Most notably, he was a participant in the taking of Philadelphia in 1933, and the 1965 siege of Los Angeles.

In 1995, he made his way to Niagara, and came under the mentorship of a member of the Black Hand. In 1999, after participating in the siege and capture, of Buffalo, he returned to Springfield, joining and becoming the Ductus of a small pack.


May 7, 1892, Born in Springfield MA
1917, Volunteered for Military service in the US Army
1918, Fought on the French Front in World War 1, Returns home
1920, Prohibition begins
1921, Falls in with Bootleggers
1923, Moves to Chicago
April 23, 1928, is Embraced as a Shovelhead
1932, Pack flees Chicago without his Sire
1933, Is brought to Philadelphia to be a Soldier in taking the city from the Independants.
1940, Initiated in Sabbat, Pack becomes Nomadic, seeking battle in the name of Caine.
1965, Participated in Siege of LA.
- Diablerizes a Brujah of the Diamond Lineage
1995-1999, Moves to Niagara, Canada after losing his pack.
- Meets and joins the Pack of Honey Badger, A Gangrel Black Hand who becomes a Mentor.
1999- Siege/ Capture of Buffalo
2000- Returns to Springfield, MA, meeting Tiziano Farnese and his childe, Valerie Evans. He joins their pack and becomes Ductus.


  • He keeps a list of those he has diablerized, trying to collect one of every clan.
  • He's actually a Toreador posing as a Pander. Why is anyone's guess.
  • He's more interested in the "Sword" part than the "of Caine."

OOC Information

Player: Andrew Collins

Player Email: revaar61@gmail.com

Storyteller: Craig Bonner

Storyteller Email: sunderedlands.masq@gmail.com

Location: MA-005-D