Elias Braughan

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Elias Braughan

Notable Traits: maverick pilot, skilled mechanic and able to deal with the bizarre.

Type: Mortal

Union: Explorer

Chartered Company: Astrologica Inc.


Elias Braughan was born to K'vin and Syren Braughan in 4050sy, both career military in the Empereal Forces. due to this, Elias was raised mainly by his aunt and uncle, both of whom were mechanics. their work brought them between the Expanse and the Verge often enough and Elias discovered that he had a number of knacks that helped in that line of work. there was some concern that he was perhaps a little too talented as a child, perhaps even touched by the supernatural.

roving from spacecraft to spacecraft, station to station and planet to planet, has given Elias a very unusual viewpoint of what home means. he has had to become flexible and still hold onto things that matter to him. these days, he travels from place to place in the Verge, seeking out odd jobs for supplies and tinkering with new devices. ​the current leg of his journey has placed him among the crew of the Allemaraine​ as a transport pilot of the Wardenclyff.



  • ​Elias is a supernatural being in hiding.​
  • ​ghosts and spirits seem to be more active when he is around.​
  • ​Elias has spent so much time in the Void that he has gone mad. ​

OOC Information

Player: Jeramiah Desautels

Player Email: jeramiahdesautels@gmail.com

Storyteller: Joshua Zander

Storyteller Email: ie.dsm.vst@gmail.com

Location: Enki's Passage