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Information Known by the Independent Alliance
None of this data would be known outside of the Giovanni, although IA has a higher likelihood to know.
Name: Elias Giovanni
Clan: Giovanni
Domain: TBD

A diligent Giovanni who builds and maintains connections for the family. Growing up in Venice, earning/taking everything he received. Life as a Giovanni is taxing and leaves one feeling hallow on the inside.
Notable Traits
- Walks with the help of a Cane.
- Bland and cold. Takes most things seriously. Not a big joker
- Those who meet him in passing typically have difficulty remember exactly who he is
- Elias is a Ghoul

Under Construction

- 1986 : Born in Venice
- 2000's : Private schooling in Venice
- 2004 : Gained the attention of the da Canali lineage. Federigo Giovanni, through political maneuvering and underhanded bluffs, claimed Elias for the da Canali line, to the chagrin of the XXXX Lineage.
- 2009 : After the abduction of Augustus and escalation with the Venture, Federigo sees it a need to strengthen the Family by having Elias embraced, even without Ghouling first, via the Kiss.
- 2009 : What was seen as a mistake quickly became apparent, Federigo took Elias before the Anziani. Hitching Elias to Federigo and damning anyone else's claim to Ghouling Elias.
- 2009 : With Elias securely fastened to the de Canali Lineage, he begins his work for the family. Federigo begins arranging transport and plans for Elias in the Caribbean.
- 2010 : Elias moves to the Caribbean (The Bahamas). As a Businessman who focuses a lot on the medical fields, he has acquired some wealth and influence, but mysteriously flies under the radar.

Rumors (IA Specific)
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Rumors (All Sects)
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OOC Information
Player: Bobby Lee | US2009023606
Player Email: bobcammail@gmail.com
Storyteller: Stacie Keipinger
Storyteller Email: vst.anarch@virtual.mindseyesociety.org
Location: Bahamas