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Elijah is always found with a mischievous grin and a desire to crack a joke at every opportunity. He is usually found wearing his faux leather jacket to provoke any of the more argumentative Garou. He also is usually sporting motorcycle gloves and thick steel toed boots which he claims is useful for when he needs to do his work. Elijah also wears a coyote tooth necklace whose tooth he claims belongs to a relative of his, though which relative seems to change every time he tells the story. He wears a pair of combat pants with pockets filled with silver bullets because "you never know when a wolf might get too angry with ya." He also carries a pair of aviator sunglasses which he usually only dons when he is explicitly trying to mess with someone.


Originally a Latrani who had his first change alone as nobody was bothering to check Nuwisha lineages, even Nuwisha. Eventually, he was found and initiated by some Umbral Dancers who were currently spending time outside of the Umbra. Once he was properly trained and they had to leave, Elijah managed to track down a human kinfolk of his named Stu who lived in Sonoma county. Elijah decided to stay with/near him and began going to Sonoma State University (without paying, of course) to learn more about humans. Elijah found humanity to be fascinating (and will often riff on how absolutely great it is to have thumbs) and is constantly trying to absorb more of their knowledge and culture. Whilst attending, Elijah inadvertently pissed off a group of Fianna without knowing it. After taking a few punches whilst laughing, he and the Fianna soon became fast friends. He began to go out of his way to visit them and help cheer them up when any of them were feeling down, eventually leading to him developing a strong connection to the tribe and Stag. Eventually, Elijah ended up joining up with his current pack to help the Garou Nation, in order to spread Coyote's teachings to as many Garou as he can, whether they want it or not.


  • Rumors of his deaths are greatly under exaggerated.
  • No matter how much support shows up for the Sept, he will not take responsibility for any of it.
  • Elijah has died for your sins, or cookies. Either way you owe him.
  • He killed three Black Spiral Dancers in six seconds and said he could do more if they just sat still.
  • A Master Elder Setite Vampire told him to be silent and he just laughed and killed him.
  • Just because he joined the Garou Nation to help prevent Harano and advise the Garou and teach them humility does not mean he is above lethal pranks to teach lessons.
  • Nothing else, other than the normal Nuwisha ones


Elijah Quotes

  • "He may have looked like a giant oak tree, but he sure went down like a little birch." - Elijah
  • "Everyone keeps telling me that I shouldn't always be dying to accomplish my tasks, yet they can never argue with my results." - Elijah
  • "As long as you don't run me over with a truck, we're still on better terms than I am with my packmates." - Elijah
  • "I have added "booped the snoot" to the Urban Dictionary. I wrote that it is a degradation of the Renaissance sailing phrase "recouped the sloop" which means regaining a one-masted sailboat after it has been set adrift, an expression previously used to signify relief." - Elijah
  • " Apparently we have decided that kindness and knowledge are goals too lofty to aim for. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed." - Elijah
  • "It turns out that Arcadia is very cold this time of year." - Elijah

Everyone Else

  • "I heard he gets hit by cars so often that he might as well get wheel treads tattooed to his back. He seems to be really good at dyin' but terrible at staying dead, which is a good thing, too. I need him to stick around because he is the punch line to my jokes, something I can't do with my pack mates...because they will actually punch me." Paula Danger
  • "Everyone says that Nuwisha are dangerous... and they're not wrong. They are dangerous. To your safety. Your sense of propriety. Your shoes. Hey, all I'm saying is that you don't want to leave your shoes out while a Nuwisha is sniffing around. That's just good sense. Where was I? Oh, yeah. But you ever hear Coyote stories? Some tricksters get these great stories where they're the smartest, the cleverest, the ones who always come out on top because of how smart and clever and charming they are. Coyote stories aren't like that. In Coyote stories, Coyote gives you what you deserve but he also gets what's coming to him. And that's what makes Nuwisha so dangerous. They know that they're not always coming out on top. But they'll make you pay for everything they go through in the process." -- Hank Perches
  • "Coyotes are very odd. People tell me they're always trying to teach some kind of lesson with their jokes, but that sounds very tiring. I think that maybe sometime, they get tired of teaching, and their only relief is laughing at people who aren't sure what they're getting at. And I think maybe Wicked Laughter does that a LOT... so MY question is why. I wonder if he'd tell me." - Lines of Light
  • "Wicked Laughter walks Coyote's path with all the relish of a raccoon dissecting a trash can, but so far we've both survived the fallout. Sure, he's a 'yote...but he's MY 'yote *bares teeth and yawns* bitter medicine and all..." Sunborn Shadow


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Player: Joshua Luther

Player Email: stragomog@gmail.com

Storyteller: Tristan Turner

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