Elijah Zacheaus

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  • ~200 - A minor noble trade official in the Khazar Empire.
  • ~230 - Ghouled.
  • ~300 - Embraced to strengthen control over Silk Road.
  • 1237 - Fled Mongols to Roman North Africa, embraces Atticus.
  • ~1300 - Befriends Marislov, sends him and Atticus to Spain.
  • 1550s - The Camarilla forms.
  • 1675 - The French assassination scandal.
  • 2004 - The Schismatics are welcomed into the Ivory Tower.
  • 2009 - The Worldwide Economic Collapse occurs.
  • 2012 - The Chicago Blood Accord is established.
  • 2017 - War of the Seven Princes in New York. Eli declares Praxis along with 6 other Elders. The War ends with most of the other contenders dead or out of the running, but in a surprise move Jack Rider declares praxis as well, and Eli relaxes his claim.


Player: Matt Blank, US2007038568
ST: Marshall C.

As a note- until 2004, Eli was on the Path of Blood. In 2019, he returned to the Path of Blood.

Ties Sought

  • Clients and business partners


Other PCs

NYC Apoc: Delta
Philly Apoc: Momo

Elijah Zacheaus

Aliases: Elder Eli
Clan: Assamite
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: New York, NY
Title or Position: "The Accountant", Ancilla, CEO of Zachary's

Abiding Status

  • Ancilla- Confirmed

Fleeting Status

  • Defender
  • Favored (Vertus Morgan)

Eli tends to dress conservatively, but often has a note of green in his wardrobe. He's often seen wearing a keffiyeh.

Eli is an active listener, but droll and tends to speak with a monotone voice.







  • Eli was forced to join the Camarilla by his sire.
  • He was poached by the Assamites from the Ventrue.
  • Eli collects hourglasses
  • Eli uses Amazon Fresh
  • Eli broke the 6th Tradition for the killing of Bartleby Crane, and was Accused of Heresy for it.


  • "There is nothing I can say about Eli that he hasn't spoken first." - Atticus
  • "And people think the Neonates have it hard in the Camarilla." - Dottie Youngblood
  • "I try very hard not to upset my Grandsire. My nights tend to become very difficult when he is miffed at me. It is so much nicer when he is miffed at another" Malika
  • "When I learned that the Assamites joined the Tower, my first thought was to renew my friendship with him. It may be the wisest decision I've made in years." Avery Michel Latimer
  • "Elijah is a Specter. Patient, formidable, and ever present. He observes everything around him and gives very little away. In this, I have learned to tread very carefully." Dar Adan
  • "The Tower has no idea what a treasure it's won with his membership. One I'm constantly honored to learn from." Lucy
  • "I still hear the clink of his coins in my dreams. Every morning I wake at 5am thinking of the man who left me in San Francisco. And because it is San Francisco, and I must wear flowers in my hair, I choose belladonna while waiting for him to return." Anaïs Palomer
  • "Despite all of his considerable acumen in finances, here is one that understands that real wealth is not measured in possession of fortunes but the absence of wants. It is that aspect the renders onto the childe of Galatea a nobility truer than title and a lethality more cutting than the blade." Amyntas
  • "The consummate banker with an immortal ledger. I am thankful the years have been kind enough to see me on the correct side of the balance sheet." Siegrid of the True North
  • "Utterly wasted as an Assamite." William Hayle
  • "I do not hate Elijah the Merchant, as that would be akin to hating the sword rather than the hand that really wielded it. However he was wise enough to both remain a professional with his silence while still paying his debt in gold and favor, rather than me taking such from him in flesh and blood." Carden d'Vergobret
  • "When you look upon him, you see the icy quiet snow capped mountain. Eternal, majestic, serene. But don't be surprised if your own stupidity calls down an avalanche." - Jack Rider
  • "Beloved cousin, there are more beautiful things you could utilize that ink for than a ledger." - Rumi
  • "I wouldn't say I fear the man, but I daren't say I don't. Let's call it respect and leave it there; otherwise, someone might get their feelings hurt, and that would be perilous for everyone involved." - Bartleby Crane
  • "I didn't used to be someone who got involved in polite conversations about treaties and politics and so on. Loud ones, yes, not polite ones. But now that I am, I'd like to keep having them with folks like Elijah." - Valentina
  • "I want you to imagine this really amazing and thick and heavy and comfy looking blanket. And you're like, 'shit, this is a really beautiful and well made blanket'! And you spend time getting closer and being really impressed and awed by the craftsmanship and intricate designs on the blanket. And then one day you hear a noise and realize that all this time there were people under the blanket who were slowly being crushed and suffocated by its weight. It's hard to look at it the same way after that." - Kyle Morgan
  • "I appreciate his boldness. There's not enough of that these nights." - Egil Agmundr
  • "There's nothing like having your ethics judged by a formerly fanatical assassin and age-old diablerist. Shame all that moral superiority hasn't proven enough to win them a victory over their adversaries, but I'm sure you can rationalize any number of failures so long as you keep pretending it's part of God's plan." - Luca Muscato, Constable of Brooklyn
  • "And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." - Seamus Montague
  • "You like know what I like remember about him? You can like ask him about like any subject and like he seems to know the answer. Maybe like some think like wisdom like doesn't like mean anything in battle, but like, dude, like you're like asking for like fucking some fucking old man kicking your shit down the mountain, like buckets of water like flying sort of thing." - Karma
  • "I do so love a good reckoning. Makes one feel alive. Elder Zacheus sure must have experienced a number of these in the last few decades. Good for him. Even better when it irks your opponent, I say." - Thaddeus Moreau