Elika Rezaee

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What is one grain of sand in the desert?

One grain amongst the storm?


Commonly Known Information

Name: Elika Rezaee

Clan: Claims no Clan

Sect: Camarilla

Characteristics/Traits: Elika can always be found in a state of irritability made obvious by her permanent scowl. One could argue that the company she keeps would influence her attitude, but she has the same demeanor no matter who she is around or what is going on. This makes mortals around her uncomfortable but not as uncomfortable as her violet eyes(Eerie Presence) or the voices they hear when she is around(Eerie Presence). She has demonstrated a playfully sarcastic attitude though this tends to be fleeting. But what most notice is how quiet she is at gatherings. When Elika does speak it is full of venom and hate.

Her Auburn hair has turned black with the tips greying into white. The black tendrils on her face have spread across her body with opalescent scales developing just below Elika's eyes.


Nothing is known about Elika Rezaee prior to joining the Camarilla. If you ask her twice about her past, you'll get two different answers.



  • "Fuck off."
  • "She's quite lovely if one actually takes the time to speak with her. Unfortunately, I've seen her all too often spoken over. More's the pity for she's a delight. Even enjoys a dance from time to time." - Maxine Chambers
  • "Curious little thing. I try not to trust those who are quiet, and she certainly qualifies- though the very few conversations I've had with her have certainly been interesting. Still...she's curious. Curious and hard to get a read on." - Anastasia Giovanni
  • "What? That's a bit of a silly question. Of course she knows more than she's letting on." - Eleanor Westmont
  • "Pleasant and cordial in Camarilla settings and quite proficient in missions of the occult." -Emmett Legrasse
  • "Irrelevant." -Theo Lawson
  • "Verbal dueling is what we do in the tower - remember the boundaries. That aside, to quote the bard - 'The lady doth protest too much, methinks.'" - Jozef Prinz
  • "She is merciful in a way I am no longer allowed to be. Thank you for being my good conscience." - Maris Bell
  • "Are the whispers true? Does it matter?." - Verkenner


  • Elika is secretly a caitiff infiltrator.
  • She remains loyal to the mountain.
  • Elika is aggressive towards Court Officers.
  • She's nearly been assassinated by mountain loyals several times.
  • Haakon Rygg, the Wolf of Orange County, refers to Elika as "his favorite heretic."
  • Perhaps it is not the residents of the city where she resides, but the land itself that draws her.
  • Elika knows ur-Shulgi's greatest secret, but dares not speak it for fear it will lead to her own destruction.
  • She has disassociated herself from the Poets.
  • I heard she has pictures and various objects of Jai adorned in her haven in some kind of creepyesque altar. Whether it's an effigy or not that's her business but I swear they said they saw papercut hearts on that altar.
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Soundtrack to Elika's Life

OOC Information

Player: Eduard Der Mond

Player Email: 79E.Rez@gmail.com