Elinor Selwyn

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Elinor Selwyn

Notable Traits: Long red hair, green eyes and always dressed business professional. A young vampire named Johnathan follows on her right side at all times.

House: [House Martel]

Clan: Ancient and Noble Clan of Venture

Lineage: Childe of Alain Martel, Childe of Lysander, Childe of Artemis Orthia, Childe of Venture

Childer: Marcus Stratos and Colonel Nicholas R. Duchamp



  • She is the one shining star in an otherwise dim sky. -Gaius Cornelius Scipio
  • "Welcome sister-vassal, reserved as the Martel tend to be, but able and gifted." -Cornelia Mowebary
  • "Deeds rather than words are what truly defines a person. I think Elder Selwyn's poise and deeds speak volumes as a whole." Luciana Santora DuVal
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  • Is secretly a lover of her sire's greatest enemy.
  • The entire Asher/Martel fight? Over one lovely girl. Worth it.
  • Is not the real Elinor Selwyn. Is actually a Toreador pretending to be Elinor, using "Mask of a Thousand Faces".
  • She has had a price on her head several times because of how invaluable she is, and that price has been collected twice...some say that one of those times she did the collecting herself...
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OOC Information

Player: Elizabeth Stone

Player Email: elizabeth.mindseye@gmail.com

Player Facebook: [Elizabeth Stone Facebook]

Storyteller: AJ Winters

Storyteller Email: scarletsin.vst.masq@gmail.com

Location: Tampa Flordia

Ties Form: [Elinor Selwyn Ties Form]