Elissa Bloodsong

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Elssia Bloodsong.jpg
Elissa Bloodsong


  • Deed Name:
  • Rank: In the Cold Sea
  • Auspice: Dimwater
  • Breed: Homid

Friends With:

  • Priscilla2.jpg

OOC Information


Elissa is considered one of the leaders of the Betweeners. She fought hard to convince the Leviathans of the necessity of allowing Rokea to leave the sea and join the other Fera in fighting against the Wyrm. Her and Ornery are well known as enemies, though Atlantis has stated simply that the death of one will lead to the death of the other.

Public Timeline

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  • "You want to talk about one well, and literally, networked Rokea, I doubt you're going to find one as connected as Elissa. She is the highway information of the Breed." - Priscilla Lamnidae
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