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Commonly Known Information

Name: Eliyatrov

Notable Traits: Albino Red eyes and white hair

Clan: Malkavian


Is called Elie by most people since it is easier to pronounce than Eliyatrov. Elie was embraced in 1825 at the age 18. She came from a wealthy German family. She was born albino, so her family locked her in their basement surrounded by books. They thought she was a demon and as she grew up she tried everything to convince her family that she was not a monster. But her knowledge scared them even more. By the time Elia turned 16 she had already given up on her family. In her mind her sire saved her from the evil humans and has complete trust in her sire. She does not like most humans due to the relationship to her family in the past, but she understands that there are some good humans out there, even if it is only a few. She seems like a nice person unless someone harms a child. She also hates hunters with a passion as she sees them as the worst of humanity, because in her mind she cannot understand why someone would want to kill the only people to ever care for her.


  • She has Dominate instead of Dementate and she has a very specific subset of people she feeds exclusively from. She's not a Malkavian, guys, she's clearly a Ventrue. Question is, why's she lying about her clan?
  • Oh please, you BELIEVE her claims about only feeding on rapists and killers? She's lying to make herself look good. Question again though is, why? Just for the sake of seeming better than the rest of us monsters? Or is she covering something up
  • She wears the Loligoth getup in order to visit kinky Goth clubs where lots of vampire fetishist club kids can't WAIT to have a pale girl in black drink their blood for "roleplay"
  • She has a Ghoul baby
  • Her derangement centers around children in some way


  • "Quote here." - Name

“It's so refreshing to meet somebody who doesn't immediately regard me with all the standard preconceptions about my clan. And she's dispelled many of the ones I had about hers. If you ever want to know anything about books, I'd recommend asking her, she's ALWAYS got one in hand.” - Nitya Nataraja

OOC Information

Player: Rachel K.

Player Email: TBD

Storyteller: Clint Hauser

Storyteller Email: masqueradevst@atlantaworldofdarkness.org

Location: Atlanta, GA