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Name: Eliza Townsend

Alias: The Flayer

Notable Traits: Has the stereotypical 'girl next door' appeal. (Striking Looks 1) Seems to be FAR taller than she actually is. (Looming Presence, effective Size 9)

Family: Anakim

Hunger: Nemeses

City: Milton Keynes



Gender: Female [She/Her/Hers]

Apparent Age: 24

Height: 5'8"

Hair: Long, straight, blonde

Eyes: Blue

Build: Slim

Horror: Eliza's Horror, also known as The Flayer, is a tall, lean monstrosity capable of unimaginable strength. She wears a dress that looks a little too much like tanned hide, and her elongated fingers usually clutch an immense sword that she drags behind her. Despite the dragging, she can wield the sword effortlessly when she needs to. On her head rests a large metal object that looks like a disproportionate pyramid, and looks to weight an immense amount, yet like her sword seems to be no burden whatsoever.


BlooddropET.png 1994 - Eliza born in Calgary.

BlooddropET.png 2010 - Eliza meets Spindle via an online game and befriends him.

BlooddropET.png 2011 - Eliza’s parents are killed by the Pure.

BlooddropET.png 2014 - Eliza’s soul is Devoured and replaced by a Horror, making her into a Beast.

BlooddropET.png 2017 - Her secret identity and the fact that she is a Beast is discovered by her childhood friend, Spindle. They promptly begin dating after.

BlooddropET.png 2018 - Accepts a job offer in the UK for a salary she can't refuse, as much as she hates leaving everything she loves in another country, she moves nonetheless.

BlooddropET.png 2019 - Early in the year, heads to Massachusetts to aid their Apex, engages in a battle of riddles with her, a Sphinx, and is crowned the victor.


BlooddropET.png Total code-junkie.

BlooddropET.png Digital artist.

BlooddropET.png Works for DR Studios (a local game developer) as Lead Coder and a Digital Artist.

BlooddropET.png Her Horror's "speech" sounds like metal scraping against concrete, the sound of something heavy being dragged along.


BlooddropET.png Top-ranked Blood Death Knight on the WoW Server she plays on.

BlooddropET.png Guildmaster and Main Tank for her Mythic Raiding Guild, "Tauren Azeroth", in WoW.

BlooddropET.png In the top 5% highest Xbox Gamerscores in the world.

BlooddropET.png In the top 3% highest Playstation Trophies level in the world.

BlooddropET.png Contributor to Class Guides for WoW Newbie Guides.

BlooddropET.png Top-ranked Tank on the Final Fantasy 14 Server she plays on.


BlooddropET.png Apparently was offered to join the Method Guild in WoW, but turned them down because she'd rather play with her friends.

BlooddropET.png Lives for the foggy days.

BlooddropET.png Some say she is a manifestation of your own guilty mind. What have you done?

BlooddropET.png Is a fan of Chinese finger traps

BlooddropET.png (Feel free to add your own)


BlooddropET.png "H-have you ever met someone who, um, reminds you that n-not only can you make the world be a better place, but that it's kind of okay right now, too? Th-that's Eliza for me." - Spindle

BlooddropET.png "How delightfully refreshing to meet a fellow beast who understands the needs we must meet in order to be better for the way the world is changing. She does the world a great bit of justice, don't underestimate that job." - Mara

BlooddropET.png "I still have not seen her blade in action, and people talk about it like it's a sight to see. Someday, maybe.." - Drake

BlooddropET.png "I reconigze that fire. The way she handles a blade... definitely of my blood." - Oda thorsten

BlooddropET.png "The human Eliza must have been a good soul. I can see how the spectral echos of that girl's mind are nudging the monster using her body now for almost laudable goals. I deeply regret that she couldn't have been saved." - Tag

BlooddropET.png "Part of me tells me I should be attracted to her. Another part tells me to flee in terror. Not sure which to listen to. Seems confident and driven, so at the very least... dangerous." - Pharos

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BlooddropET.png Spindle, her childhood friend, werewolf, and has been dating him since 2017.

BlooddropET.png Loralei, a good friend and long-term gaming buddy.

BlooddropET.png Mara, a fellow Beast, friend, and mentor for the most part.

BlooddropET.png Addi, a fellow Beast, good friend nerd, and gamer.

BlooddropET.png Selene, a gaming friend and cuddle buddy.

BlooddropET.png Oda thorsten, beloved great (x4 or so) aunt.

BlooddropET.png Nix, Eliza's big sister, but also her little sister. It's complicated.

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BlooddropET.png Eliza's Themes (Playlist)
BlooddropET.png Silent Hill OST - Welcome to Silent Hill
BlooddropET.png Bloodborne OST - Cleric Beast Theme
BlooddropET.png Apocalyptica - Helden
BlooddropET.png Silent Hill OST - Pyramid Head Theme
BlooddropET.png Viraemia - Pit of Pestilence
BlooddropET.png Slipknot - Duality
BlooddropET.png Slipknot - Psychosocial
BlooddropET.png Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
BlooddropET.png Silent Hill OST - Silent Hill Theme
BlooddropET.png Sia - Breathe Me
BlooddropET.png Meg Myers - Make A Shadow
BlooddropET.png LOLO - Weapon for Saturday
BlooddropET.png In This Moment - Beast Within
BlooddropET.png Bjork - Hunter
BlooddropET.png Woodkid - Iron
BlooddropET.png Florence and the Machine - Blinding
BlooddropET.png The Pretty Reckless - Follow Me Down
BlooddropET.png Serj Tankian - Sky Is Over
BlooddropET.png Jessica Jean - Calling All the Monsters (Dubstep Remix)
BlooddropET.png Slipknot - All Out Life
BlooddropET.png Miracle of Sound - Paleblood Moon
BlooddropET.png Miracle of Sound & Aviators - A Thousand Eyes


Player: Drakka

Story Teller: Contact

Coordinator: Josie R

Location: OOC Tradewinds, IRC (England).