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Cricket Crumb, Portrait by Em R.





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► "I’ve heard that the Giovanni serve the clan even after final death. If that little prick calls me a gangster one more time, they are going to find out how that works first hand." (Thomas Bronson)
► “A complete maverick of her clan, the opposite of the typical brutes. Wellstruck deals, pleasant company, and deep knowledge.” (Simon St. John)

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Elisabeth Rothstein was born to a Jewish family in the West Colfax neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, where she lived her entire childhood. Her mother was an immigrant from Ukraine and her father was an American lawyer working for a small practice owned by an uncle she only saw on rare occasion. To say that her childhood coincided with an unpleasant time for Jewish Americans in Colorado would be an understatement - antisemitism was commonplace - but her parents did their best to keep her sheltered from it. Elisabeth excelled in high school and she was accepted to Colorado Women's College in 1966, when she was eighteen. Her time at college was productive - she once again excelled in her studies and took up modern art as a practice - but it also exposed her to a greater sense of independence and responsibility than any she had known before.

In the middle of her senior year at Colorado Women's College (which by then had changed its name to Temple Buell College after receiving a major donation meant to stave off its financial troubles) Elisabeth was embraced into the Giovanni clan by her Uncle Yitzhak. Her great-uncle told her that she was destined for greater things than a degree from a school that anyone could see was destined to collapse and a husband that would never appreciate her intellect. Elisabeth was a closeted lesbian and enamored with the art world so what her great-uncle told her made sense: there was nothing for her in the world that she could imagine in her growing nihilism. She dove into unlife as a vampire under the tutelage of Uncle Yitzhak and bent her intellect and attitude toward Kindred matters and the Giovanni clan. Elisabeth had developed an interest in art history while at college and this translated into a passion for unlife as a vampire, as she had access to others who had lived through the histories she had studied.

Despite her vigorous appreciation of her own unlife, Ellie is said to have become more and more of a shut-in as the years passed. She spent more time focusing on her paintings than she did engaging with other vampires, and in 1975 she had fully disappeared from Kindred society except for the necessary appearances at Giovanni clan functions. Her sire Uncle Yitzhak kept her on task studying necromancy and other disciplines until 2009, when hunters attacked their haven. Her uncle was destroyed in the battle but Elisabeth survived because the hunters did not expect to contend with a second creature of the night. Elisabeth was suddenly alone, with only ghosts and cats for company, and her own clan had never felt more distant. She knew that her locus had always been Denver and Denver alone, so that was what she focused on even as the Giovanni became ever more concerned with movements on the world stage. Ellie took on the prestation debts her Uncle Yitzhak had accrued to avoid losing valuable ties to the area and - when word reached her that Robert Lancaster was declaring a new princedom in the Denver domain - she prepared to represent her clan to this new Camarilla court from a distance.

Player: Em R.
Player Membership Number: US2002022810
Venue Storyteller: Selina Ostberg
Domain: Denver
Region: North Central