Ellsworth Temple

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Areas of Worship and Cavern paths:



-spiral steps down


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The forests and Bog have always been our home from the earliest days we settled these lands. The native tribes already had legends about this place, things which we adapted and made into our own as time progressed to the modern age. Tales of spirits, gods,animal totems were joined with urban tales of the bog and eerie things that happened to those who strayed too far from the comfort of campfires or the security of the city lights. It is here we thrive. Dance under the stars,hunt the forests, worship as we please for here we have freedom and a home safe within the womb of the Mother Crone who blessed our high Priestess with a vision. Come...hear the words of our Priestess, let her show you what the great Mother blessed her with to share with her devoted.

The Priestess speaks

Insert your description here of any laws, rites, customs you all do.

What lies beneath: Temple description and foundation

  • Melinoe approached the Seneschal Caitrìona le Frerelane Barstow and Herald Vidal St. Croix with a plan.To design a safe place for the Crone to worship as the modern age turned more of a risk with the rise of technology and hunters who posed a greater risk with the weapons of the modern age.

  • Vidal pledged to be a patron providing the Crone amble resources to combine with their own on the condition they built underground. Lady Arietta Musette Chanson overheard the discussion pledging her clan's knowledge of the underworld to assist in the endeavor. Zebadiah Pace, with his knowledge of the city Flood tunnels was recommended as well to patron his knowledge and thus the Crone began to build.

For Melinoe..a smile. "I know just the place..."

  • What developed was years worth of tunnel work and building around the natural caverns to make a Temple and home.

Living Areas:


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