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  • Embrace date: 2030 BCE or 480 BCE
  • Generation: 6th Generation
  • Clan: Assamite (Sorcerer)
  • Sire: al-Ashrad
  • Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
  • Current Location: United Kingdom (OOC: WTG)
  • ST Point of Contact:WTG NST
  • ST Point of Contact:AANST Assamite

Physical Description

Elodia appears as a middle aged Arab woman, probably Palestinian. She wears modest clothing with a hijab. She is farsighted and needs reading glasses.

Brief History

There is one story that says Al Ashrad embraced Elodia in 480 BCE, and that he saw in her the ability to maintain and grow the library of Alamut. Elodia herself says that she sprang from the soil where the writer of Gilgamesh scraped her hand and spilled a drop of blood. It is said that she immediately embraced the author, Imli, and brought her and her poems to Alamut, starting the great library. The two have been inseparable from that moment until the return of Ur-Shulgi. The partners have traveled to every place in the world to record poems, songs, writings, and even oral traditions from all peoples. They cataloged all 360 gods of the Kaaba. They met with the Native Americans before colonization and recorded their love songs and battle cries. The story of these two is a story of a love affair between two women and every written word in every language. It is also a story of their love for each other. Together, they spent more than 4,000 years writing down every poem, fairy tale and song they could find. The library of Alamut includes recordings of the songs of birds and of every magical spell they could lay their hands on. It has been an endless journey between Elodia and Tamarind. Every Assamite who has ever stepped foot into the library of Alamut knows the smile on their faces. They have been, at times, the only bright happy creatures in the entire fort.

All that came crashing to an end when Ur-Shulgi awoke. Elodia had taken the writings of Islam to heart. She felt those poems in ways she did not feel others. When Ur-Shulgi returned he summoned the apolitical Historian, Librarian, and Curator before him and demanded they remove from Alamut and destroy any writings or artifacts related to Islam. He gave them one day to pick through the archives and create a fire in the middle of the Central Vault. First hand accounts of the lives of prophets. Religious artifacts held by saints. This was a step too far for the otherwise docile trio. They loaded all they could save onto the backs of 3 donkeys and 2 camels. Elodia, the Librarian of Alamut, and Qusay, the Curator, staged the only successful theft in the history of the archives. And they were stealing it themselves. Babur, the historian of Alamut, cast a spell allowing them to travel through the day and the scorching sun with the pain and damage transferred to his body instead. When Ur-Shulgi awoke and saw no preparations for his bonfire, he flew into a rage and summoned the archivists. Babur, badly burned and limping, came before the Methuselah to answer for their crimes. Nobody knows what happened to Babur, the Historian of Alamut, but he delayed long enough for the other two to escape. Tamarind, just an assistant, had to stay and protect what remains. Nowadays, her smile is gone.

Current Status

Elodia has fled to the UK where she plots her return to Alamut. Elodia awakens each night burning with rage and shame. She burns in hatred towards her loses. She plots incessantly for her return to Alamut and her revenge on Ur-Shulgi. Not a night goes by without her constantly second guessing her decision to leave Tamarind.

  • Update: Killed in 2018. Investigations into the death of Qusay ibn Namdar revealed his assassination.

Known Childer


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