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“I am in the mood to dissolve in the sky.”

Character Description

Name: ELYL

Notable Traits: TBD

Society: The Techgnotic Union


Gender: Female

Apparent Age: 26


Hair: Stark white, very short, hacked off indifferently

Eyes: Green


Gearwrench.pngSY4109: A nearly derelict ship arrives at Wayfinder Station, from which emerges ELYL, a taciturn teenager with surprising command of magic. ELYL meets Hafal-Ur and their pack, Vengeance of Luna, and they strike an agreement: ELYL will be part of Hafal’s crew for one year, during which time Hafal will see that her ship is repaired. After that she is free to strike out on her own
Gearwrench.pngSY4110: At the end of her year with Hafal’s pack, ELYL takes her own ship again, renaming it the Black Horizon and setting herself up as a one-woman cargo team, offering transport of cargo with no questions asked. She operates out of Wayfinder Station as a home base. She keeps up friendly relations with Vengeance of Luna.
Gearwrench.pngSY4112: ELYL begins working with Vengeance of Luna more often, and she and Hafal forge a different kind of relationship as a mated pair. They often run the ships in tandem together for hunting and transport, and ELYL is a more permanent member of the pack and the chartered company.

Public Information

ELYL makes cargo runs on her own, hunts with the pack Vengeance of Luna, and repairs and modifies ships and other equipment. You can find her at Wayfinder Station often enough, or she might have gone off in her ship.


Gearwrench.png She is far too comfortable with the Abyss
Gearwrench.png She has never set foot on a terraformed planet. The one time she tried, she had a fit and had to be taken off
Gearwrench.png She is IMMENSELY ticklish.
Gearwrench.png She adores glitter.
Gearwrench.png She eats people.
Gearwrench.png She doesn't eat them, she uses them as building supplies.
Gearwrench.png She has always been very wild, not only did she seduce Hafal Ur but she turned them into the beast they are.
Gearwrench.png She is not just a mage...no she is far more than that, she is far more powerful than that. The question is why is she among us?
Gearwrench.png She is not primal at all she is more machine than mage.
Gearwrench.png Hail Cthulhu!
Gearwrench.png She really is werewolf pretending to be a mage.
Gearwrench.png She gives out tools for everyones birthday. Every tool has a "Private" mode.
Gearwrench.png She's a Left-Handed Mage.
Gearwrench.png She gave birth to her puppy, Igi. It was majestic.
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Gearwrench.png "I met her when she was younger, helped her find her own feet...and then she seduced me. She is my mate, my love, my life, my breath, and my soul." - Hafal Ur
Gearwrench.png "Seems like a nice young lady in less than nice circumstances. Maybe she'll help Tristan open up." - Evander
Gearwrench.png "She's a lovely friend and helps me with my packmate." - Quasar
Gearwrench.png "Elyl knows nearly as much about mechanical engineering, physics, quantum theory and other more esoteric sciences as I do. She knows more about the dead than I wish to. I will work with her." - Tristan Katharos
Gearwrench.png "Elyl's the perfect kind of person to meet up with if you want someone who will keep up with you on dirty jokes, drinking, and laughing for a whole night." - Ehroth
Gearwrench.png "Elyl scarey, also kind. Notice much. Iskra like." - Iskra
Gearwrench.png "Elyl is extraordinary when it comes to her craft, married to a wolf too, so you know she has to be tough as titanium." - Dresden
Gearwrench.png "All hail the Mother of Galactic Moonshine! How she keeps her wits about her no matter the situation the wolves throw at her is impressive" - Alek Hawthorne
Gearwrench.png "Yeah, so you know how you are not supposed to board other people ships without permission? Yeah, don't board Elyls ship without permission. That was weird..." - Axion
Gearwrench.png "Are we sure that she isn't some sort of strange werewolf/mage hybrid? She's got the growl down." - Zellebrium Prox
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Friends, allies, and others

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OOC Information

Player: Leah F.

Story Teller: Kelsey Greene

Location: TEXAS