Elysium of Ellsworth

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Laws of Elysium (as of 5/9/2020)

1. Elysium proper is the lower ballroom of the Siren's Call Lodge, referred to as the Leviathan Ballroom. It is a Masquerade-safe ballroom, but the rest of the Lodge is not. Mind your appearance and your behavior when in the lobby and elsewhere within and around the Lodge, as breaches of the Masquerade within the hotel will be punished. Additionally, bear in mind that property damage anywhere on the premises of the hotel is considered to be damaging of Elysium and is therefore strictly prohibited.

2. Violence and powers of the Blood meant to cause harm or influence behavior are strictly prohibited while within the Leviathan Ballroom, except in defense of the Queen or the Keeper. Exempt from this restriction are the Queen, Keeper, Sheriff, and Hound, under proper circumstances of protecting the sanctity of Elysium and the safety of its visitors.

3. The mortal patrons of the Lodge are off-limits for hunting without the express permission of the Keeper, and even with hunting permission no lasting harm is to be done to them. Refreshments will be provided in the Leviathan Ballroom, but do remember that it is impolite to come to Elysium ravenously hungry. The Keeper is not running a free blood bank, and boons will be expected in payment if a pattern of overindulgence in Elysium-provided refreshments is noticed. Boons will also be expected in payment should Kindred feed from the Lodge's mortal occupants without the Keeper's permission, with severity of the boon dependent on the nature of the hunting.

4. All weapons must be checked and surrendered before entering the Leviathan Ballroom. They will be stored in a secure location until claimed by their owner. The Sheriff and Hound are exempt from this rule, as well as any individual of the Queen's Court that she designates. The Keeper is also able to exempt Kindred from this rule. Such exempted Kindred are required to display a rook pin on their clothing to show that they have received permission.

5. While in attendance of Elysium, the Keeper will do all within his power to ensure that your visit is a pleasant one. In the spirit of hospitable behavior, visitors are expected to refrain from vulgarities and crude action that could make other guests uncomfortable. Proper attire for courtly gatherings is encouraged, but not strictly required out of consideration for the comfort of less-sophisticated guests.

6. Access to Elysium is carefully controlled by the Keeper. While available on nights when Court is not being held, a courtesy call is required ahead of time to access the space.


Policies of the Hotel (as of 4/17/2020)

1. The East Wing of the Lodge is available for those who wish to step outside the ballroom to walk within the walls of the establishment. While a generally Masquerade-safe environment, common sense is encouraged to avoid unfortunate incidents. If you believe you have committed or witnessed an act in the East Wing that would become a breach of the Masquerade, inform the Keeper, a Court Officer, or the Invictus immediately so the matter can be handled.

2. The West Wing of the hotel is off-limits to Kindred and their retainers without express permission from the Keeper.

3. As outlined above in the Laws of Elysium, property damage to the hotel is strictly prohibited. While some incidents may be unavoidable (i.e. self-defense), reasonable care should be taken to avoid damage to the hotel corridors and rooms. The perpetrator of damage deemed “unnecessary” is in breach of Elysium and will be required to make recompense to the Keeper. Damage includes making sufficient mess that significant replacements of paint, walls, carpet, floors, etc, are necessary to return the hotel to its prior pristine state.

4. The hotel is the personal property of the Keeper. Do under others as you would have them do unto you. If you would not wish something done in your personal domain, do not do it in the hotel. If you are unsure if something is permissible, ask the Keeper.

5. Circle of the Crone rituals are forbidden from use anywhere in the hotel without express permission from the Keeper.


  • Vidal St. Croix: Various pieces of his glass art are scattered about the hotel for public view.

Schedule of Events

  • Daily shuttle service to the Tempest Casino The Tempest


  • 24 hour room service.
  • Full buffet dining to satisfy any taste.
  • Medical staff on duty.
  • Spa access
  • Gift shop
  • Spacious ballrooms for galas.
  • Executive suites to host your successful meeting.
  • Full size pool, kids pool, and large hot tub.
  • Sauna
  • Outside dining at the cafe.
  • Shuttle service to the area Tempest Casino.
  • Antique rooms or modern pending on your vacation destination needs.