Ember Fannon

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Ember Fannon

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The Details

Name: Ember Fannon
Deed Name: "Mends the Mother" (formerly "Knuckles Down")
Tribe: Fianna
Auspice: Theurge
Rank: Athro
Pack: Seiryuu's Chosen (Alpha)
Sept: Sept of the Hidden Spring
Sept Position: Master of the Rite

Known to the Nation

  • Ember was born in 1990 to Connor and Sarah Fannon, of the San Antonio Fannons. She tends to not talk about her family very much.
  • Direct descendant of Stormweaver.
  • She was crippled by a spirit during her Fostern challenge.
  • She came to Austin in 2012, shortly after she was crippled.
  • Crafts fetishes (usually weapons) and and talens.

Known Associates


  • Her wounds won't heal because she was cursed by a spirit.
  • She used to be able to smith large weapons all on her own before she was crippled.
  • Whacked a fomori that got too close to her with her cane: it yelped and died.
  • She's only crippled until she completes a task she was given by an Incarna.
  • (Insert Your Rumors Here)

Comments / Quotes

  • "She is on a journey to discover who she needs to be. Happily, she has already begun asking the right questions." - Tsomo
  • "In adversity she has prospered, and in seeking solitude she found company." - Geralt ibn Herza
  • "She's Connor's girl through and through. Won't let anything keep her down." - Gordon Fannon
  • "Ember heeds the advice of the spirits, but she has the good sense to listen to mundane input too. Plus, she bakes a mean boozy cupcake. That's all good in my book." - Cassie Mavros-Ruiz
  • "Super patient and reliable! She's like a programmer, only, y'know. Wyld-y. Usually pretty blunt, but then look who's talking, right? Anyway, take her on your party only if you have to because she's great in the sept itself unless it's critical. Good luck!" - Momfriend
  • "The function of the Theurge it that of a spiritual advisor in the Garou Nation. If she can get past a bit of the follies of youth, she can grow further in her role and ensure her friends don't fall before their time." - Josiah
  • "We always have more to learn. I hope I enhance Ember's learning as she has enhanced mine." - Choden
  • "Ember? Oh yeah I remember her well. She was finishing high school and I was just off my first year at Princeton. Our meeting was happenstance but I'd say I enjoyed one of the most fun summers I'd ever had. With her the future and it's concerns could wait a little while." - Catalin Corbeanu
  • "I can tell she's trying, and I can tell this hasn't been easy for her. But if we want to get through this intact, we're all going to have to try harder." - Benny Boyd
  • "Ember is kinda super scary when mad...maybe it is a red head thing, Thomas gets the same way when he's mad." - Aria Homes
  • "She has a lot of weight on her shoulders, and seems to bearing it through sheer determination." - Thomas "Shade Seeker" Whitington
  • "She is pack. I will die before I let harm come to her." - Blood of Thor
  • "I'm not sure who she was trying to piss off when she asked me to be her Maid of Honor, but I was glad to do it. She is a kind soul." - Jo "Thundercat" Trevino
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OOC Stuff

Player: Terry Broekers

Player Email: tslittleway@gmail.com

Storyteller: John Decker

Storyteller Email: sc.austin.apocalypse@gmail.com

Location: Austin, TX