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Information Known by the Garou Nation


Name: Emi Junkatsu

Deed Name: 乱暴に栄光 - Ranbo ni Eiko

Nickames: Rambo / RamRam / Captain Obvious / Silly Kit

Tribe: Kitsune

Breed: Shinju

Auspice: Eji

Age: 10

Notable Traits: She's always in Sambuhenge if she can help it. She looks directly into people's eyes. When she's teaching you a lesson and wants to get your attention, her smile bears fangs. Sometimes she smiles and laughs like a hyena. She wears Kimono in the warmer seasons. When she thinks to herself, it seems like flickers of light go about around her.

Pack: Runaway Stars

Sept: Underground Dawn



Honsu Island, March 7th 2007. Twins are born to a roko mother, surely a blessing of better times to come. The shinji twins, Aki and Emi, will be raised in Zao village. She was raised with love and care, and in turn that made her loving and caring.

Emi's always been a competitive child -not because she needed to win, but as a perfect born it was expected of her that she naturally be better than others, and as such she always felt pressure to perform. It was only natural, in such a setting, that she learnt to control her shifting slightly earlier than her twin brother, Aki. In the srping of 2014, she set out to go outside the caerns of this world.

The following September, Emi did her rite of passage. Near the village there was a guardian spirit of the family which held a blade that was sacred to the Junkatsu. It had belonged to her Great-grand-mother, and as Emi strived to become an Eji like her, it seemed fitting to the young Kitsune to petition the spirit for its custody.

The spirit asked her to prove that she was both glorious and honorable, and to bring it the head of the leader of its enemies. Emi came back, soaked in blood, with the heads of the whole group. Well -this way she was sure to bring back the one he wanted, right? And that’s how she got her deed name, 乱暴に栄光 (Ranbo ni Eiko). And thought her deed name was a testament to glory and strength, it also bears a warning of chaos to be feared.

During the summer of 2016, Zao Village was attacked. Emi was in the umbra, fending off the banes that had come to the village to corrupt it. A similar battle was happening in the realm, and her brother, Aki, lost an eye while defending the kinfolks. The spirits and their people, however, decided that from that point onwards she would be considered Fostern to the nation. To better protect him, she became part of her brother’s pack.

During the spring of 2017, Emi was tasked with a very specific challenge. Spirits of animals had been corrupted and had to be rooted out. A typical go in, destroy, report back. But it seems with age Emi got more cunning. When she came back, she hadn’t killed the spirits of the animals -she had killed the humans in the nearby village, who had been corrupted and had been wronging the nearby animals, turning their spirits into nemesis. Having rid the locals of the corrupted humans and put the others on the right track in treating the other animals rightfully, the nemesis spirits could finally move on. It was decided that since the nemesis spirits were no longer a problem, she had succeeded her challenge and became Adren.

From that point onward, Emi gained the blessing of Spark spirits, and if she talked a lot before, now it never stopped. It seems that they always fuel her with new ideas and her natural curiosity and tendency to speak up and speak forever makes this a devastating combo of impulsivity.

In October of 2017, the Runaway Stars pack joined the local of Santa Barbara to aid in the arrival of the Caern Seed. Emi was named the following month Master of Challenges by the new Sept Alpha.

On January 26th, Emi was punished for lack of respect towards elders. It was decided that her punishment would be a rite of ostracism that would last for a month. She has since then disappeared from the surrounding area.



Emi gives nicknames to people. She takes names very seriously, so renaming someone means a lot to her. The shorter it is, the better. There’s a Japanese tradition of repeating syllables to wish good fortune.

Emi was raised apparently by a Nuwisha. It’s shaped her vision of tricks.

Emi was punished for disrespecting an Elder. Was the punishment too harsh? One month of ostracism. Because she smiled when she was receiving the punishment, they say.

Emi can’t read anything but the most simple hiragana and kanji.

Emi loves to send pictures of herself since her Glasswalker step-father has shown her how to use a computer.

In Januray 2018, Emi went to St-John for three weeks. She started wearing a red thread ring on her pinky when she returned.

Emi gifted her Sept Alpha a pair of Bracers she made herself, leaving him a note saying «Let this be a testament that two minds need not think alike for respect to grow between them». He’s been wearing them ever since.

Emi’s been making herbal bath bombs for the people of her sept so that they’ll stop complaining about the obligatory monthly icy bath they have to take under the sept customs.

Emi’s very curious.

It seems Emi’s very keen on protecting kin.

Emi asked her sept to add to its laws that the garou litany «Ye Shall Not Eat The Flesh Of Man» be extended to also encompass «Ye Shall Not Eat the Flesh of Wolves». It was accepted unanimously.

Emi has openly been against using the bite without the consent of the Kinfolk it is being used on.

It’s said that Emi acts like a Fool rather than an Ahroun, and that she questions authority and customs too much.

Emi once performed a trick that lasted for eight straight hours. Half the people got caught in it, and the other half ended up being willing participants making the trick a terrible mess for the others to understand. In the end, it made everyone come closer together as a sept in a moment of tension between members.

Quotes said about her

«I’d really like it if it wasn’t ALWAYS the kitsune who pointed out flaws in my speeches» -Avalanche, Elder Wendigo Ahroun and Sept Alpha of the Underground Dawn

«I don’t know if it’s by nature or by design, but you speak too much kid. I was won to your point, and then I became angry, and then I was confused» -He Who Rides The Storm, Athro Red Talon and Master of the Rites

«Ranbo ni Eiko, you are very nice and cute. Stay that way, that’s refreshing. I like it. Thanks for the coffee, it’s very helpful. I’m pleased the spirits have blessed you with the respect that you deserve and of my own stature. Thank you also for all this information, it’s above your calling and this is the type of people that we need again, those willing to take the extra step for people…» -Drinks-the-Spirits, Fiana Adren Philodox

Nicknames Given

  • Aki Junkatsu : BroBro
  • Avalanche : Venerable Sept elder/leader Avalanche
  • Azumi Akahoshi : Mimi
  • Blank Gaze : PikaPika
  • Gaia’s Comète : IaIa
  • Ginsumi : SuSu
  • Hattori Toshio : ShiShi
  • He Who Rides The Storm : JiJi
  • John "Swift Warning" Konkeran : Dada / PaPa / OttoOtto
  • Kazuya Junkatsu : MaMa
  • Venomous Whisper : SaSa / MousseMousse/ NomNom
  • Verity Apple Willow : RiRi


OOC Information

Player: Camille-Évangéline Gendron

Player Email: camille.gendron@hotmail.com

Storyteller: Chris Hermann

Storyteller Email: mtl.apocalypse@gmail.com

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