Emile Bouchard

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Common Knowledge

Name: Emile Bouchard
Alternate Names: Le Comte de Bouchard
Embrace Date: 1824
Clan: Toreador
Sire: Deceased
Notable Traits:
Emile appears at all times as Human and speaks with a heavy French accent.


Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla

Confirmed as an Ancilla
Noble as Primogen of Dallas, TX

Courteous by Lady Von Jagar, Prince of Dallas, TX


  • "My interaction with him has been limited, I admit. But not unpleasant. I have yet to decide if he's a friend to Clan Malkavian in this city, but he does seem a loyal member of the Tower." - Noah Bauer
  • "What can I say of someone who rarely deigns to speak to me? I know little of him, and he has yet to impress me enough to warrant my attention be drawn toward him." - Enzo DuBois
  • "For what it's worth, I like him. Reminds me of a character from a movie, but he's one of a kind." - Samuel Jones
  • " Da' mon seems a complete gentlemon, one can never know too many well-dressed ones." "Truly how da one manage to look good while in a dust-up?" - Black Lilac


  • He's a sex addict... After all, he is French you know how they are.


Born the son of an officer in Grande Armée, Emile has been ever the aristocrat since his father was granted the title he uses even today. The natural classist attitude he had bled well into Camarilla society after his embrace in 1824 when he was brought into the Toreador to act as a patron to potential artistes who might be worthy of being preserved. A change however was noted and he became apt at identifying flaws and making sure all the right people knew. In 1940 he immigrated to the United States after the Germans took his home and he has yet to return. Since 2009 he has resided in the city of Dallas, helping retake it from the Sabbat.

OOC Information

Player: Cameron Wright

Location: Dallas, Texas

Contact information can be found on the profile page.