Emilia Blair Gellar

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Emilia Blair Gellar

Things You Probably Know

Where to begin to explain Emilia Blair Gellar...

  • Emilia Blair Gellar is flawless.
  • She has two Fendi purses, and a silver Lexus.
  • Her hair is insured for ten thousand dollars.
  • She does car commercials, in Japan.
  • Her favorite movie is Varsity Blues.
  • One time she met John Stamos on a plane, and he told her she was pretty.
  • One time she punched a student in the face, it was awesome.
  • She always looks fierce, and she always wins Spring Fling Queen.
  • She is Captain of the SFSU Cheer Squad.

The Coolest People You'll Ever Meet



"She once slept with a moon spirit"
"She prefers to drive her Prius because she cares about the environment"
"Her dad invented toaster strudel or something."
"She was part of a burglary crew."
"She is dating her cheer squad captain, Leah Morningkill."

OOC Soundtrack

"Die Young" - Ke$ha
"I Wanna Go" - Britney Spears
"Born to Die" - Lana Del Rey
"Swish Swish" - Katy Perry feat. Nicki Minaj
"Hollabackgirl" - Gwen Stefani
"S&M" - Rihanna feat. Britney Spears
"Last Friday Night" - Katy Perry
"Just Dance" - Lady Gaga
"Bad Romance" - Lady Gaga

OOC Inspirations

Cordelia Chase
Blair Waldorf
Kathryn Merteuil
Regina George

OOC Information

Name: Emilia Blair Gellar
Deed Name: Stormborn
Tribe: Bastet, Balam
Auspice: Ahroun - Philodox
Rank: Fostern
Pack: SquadGoals
Sept: The Sept of Huvarshta