Emilia Odobleja

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Emilia Odobleja

Alternate Names: Emilia Zantosa

Notable Traits: Personal Masquerade. No Noticable Blemishes, perfect.

Generation: 11th

Sect: Sabbat

Clan: Tzimisce

Pack: Pound of Flesh

Position: Priest


  • Born May 7th, 1960 somewhere in Upstate New York.

Other stuff to be added, at some point.


  • "Mom is like the best artist ever, she even did the cover art for Justicar's album and it's amazing! Just like she is." - Velia Zanatosa
  • "Emilia possesses the patience of one centuries older than she. I am uncertain as to how she manages both her childer without losing sanity." - Constantin Odobleja
  • "Is quite a good... noodle? I believe is the term people use." - Jean-Claude
  • "I know what she is capable of. Why do you think I constantly watch her? It's not for her benefit, you know. You can thank me later." - Katona
  • "She is young but there is promise in her, I will enjoy seeing her move towards perfection and completion." - Augustyn De'Vont
  • "I've yet to see her art, but her dedication to the pursuit is deeply admirable. There's often a lack of appreciation for these kinds of things among our brothers, and I'm pleased to have met another artist as a result of such ugliness. Surely, beauty can be found in the most surprising of places, and she is a work of art herself." - Valerie Evans
  • "I know little of this Cainite, part of the Martinique Diocese? Perhaps I will go observe them directly." - Gabriel Thompson
  • “Our real mum couldn’t be bothered with Rinoa me and our sire, we don’t even know who they is. Emilia has been more of a mum to us than anyone and Justicar is proud to have her as our band mum.” - Ambrose Noble
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  • Might be a Toreador Anti, she seems too obsessed with her art.
  • Once made a stretched canvas out of a living human and just replaced their blood and other fluids with colored paints.
  • Sees all her childer in a family way and lets the youngest get away with what it wants, while it is the youngest. <--- No she doesn't. <--- Because her oldest is the favorite
  • Will only embrace Zantosa, and not the fuck up ones. <--- Derick? I can see you dear. <--- And we know you were an accident and that I was the planned, wanted childe.
  • Once made a lawn art piece out of impaling Grimaldi Revenants because of their family.

OOC Information

Player: Rhianne Newsom

Player Email: Email Me

Storyteller: Drakka Schroeer

Storyteller Email: Email Them

Location: Chicago, IL