Emilienne Lafontaine

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Emilienne Lafontaine
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Known Information
Name: Emilienne "Emma" Lafontaine
Clan: Toreador
Lineage: House Valois
Sire: Madeline Durand (deceased)

A Wild Spark

During her life Emilienne was a stage actress and singer during the Belle Epoque in Paris, France. Like many other women who followed similar paths, her life was fraught with turmoil. They were champions of social change, living in ways that challenged the social norms of the time. Unfortunately, they were considered infamous figures whose lives were the center of scandal and excitement. Emilienne was unhappily married, and carried on many affairs with men of great wealth and influence. Most of the events of her life were defined by her manic nature, with epic highs and tragic lows. Her embrace did not dampen this aspect of her personality, and in fact may have heightened it. Those who have come to know her over the years have seen the chaos created by her wild moods.

Most of the time Emma is a charming socialite, but when her mood shifts her personality can range from recklessly wild to sullen and irritable.

Everybody Talks

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  • Emilienne's wild and manic nature have lead many to believe she's a Malkavian
  • Emma is more calculating than she appears. In reality she enjoys creating chaos in her wake.
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OOC Information
Player: Miranda O'Brien
Player Email: instanityisthenewera@gmail.com
Storyteller: Rob Paul
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