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Who is Anaïs Palomer?

"I don't believe in magic" The young boy said. The old man smiled. "You will, when you see her."

Refined, inquisitive, and mysterious, the mortal Anaïs first appeared in 1130 in Toledo, Spain, in the company of her father. The Occitanian scholar Guilhelmus of Palomer answered a call from Archbishop Raymond of Toledo to translate ancient texts found in the formerly-Moor city’s libraries. Anaïs accompanied her father––only to disappear after one year.

A century later she appeared amongst Kindred society as a ghoul, sans regnant. For whom? many wondered. When asked, Anaïs gave the same reply: “The far reaching one.” Those that demanded answers and tribute received a quiet conversation with the ghoul and left either looking satisfied––or terrified. Those that inquired further enjoyed their time with the ghoul, and even sometimes made valuable exchanges. Either way, Anaïs maintained her decorum amongst vampires and quickly gained a reputation for being smart, efficient, trustworthy...and eerie.

Rumors abounded that she was a mortal mage, preserved and experimented upon by a book-learned Kindred seeking esoteric knowledge. Others said she was the cursed love of a Kindred, preserved as a ghoul to temporarily impede her Dark Fate. Still, many whispered she was not a piece of property at all but a spirit able to take solid form during certain moon phases. And even more thought of her as a sorceress who had discovered eternal life, choosing the familiarity of the immortal over seeing her own kind pass beyond the veil. Those that pursued the truth of Anaïs have varied stories: nightmares haunt them for years, or they wake after several nights spent in torpor claiming she disappears into nothing where roads cross. Anyone who has traveled with her has quite the story to tell. Whatever the truth may be, Anaïs does not seem of this world. The sound of barking dogs always heralds her arrival. Keys in her possession do not fit any locks. Fabrics drape as if the shape you see is not true. A tarot card reading from her bestows either a blessing or a curse.

Anaïs is known for her delicate manners and fine comportment, which contrasts quite strikingly with her expansive knowledge of the dark arts and demons, plants and herbs, and different planes of existence. She is simultaneously antiquated and modern––the feel of old nobility combined with a love of fast and dangerous vehicles. Her services are never free, but the overwhelming success in which they are delivered often eases the pain of an empty pocketbook.


It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing

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O what will she do, a soul bitten into with wrong?

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Known Associates

“Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a Witch.”


Roman Courage

Augustin de Aragon

Gabriel de la Vallée

Arnwolf "Greybeard" Harbard


Opal Hayes



Mila Rurik

Peyton Fetterly

Dimitru Vanator


You have witchcraft in your lips.

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