Emily Reynolds

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Emily Reynolds

Deed Name:Gaia's Hope

Previously Deeded: Eye of the Storm

Rank: Adren

Tribe: Stargazer

Auspice: Theurge

Pack: B-Team, Devoted to Bull Shark

Society: Concordat Of Stars

Sept: Sept of Ancient Hope

Position: Mistress of the Rite, Pack Alpha of B-Team


Emily was what is considered a lost cub. Her family while aware of their Gaian’. Legacy chose to turn their back in the Nation and attempt to lead a normal life in America. Destiny had different plans for Emily.

Notable features:

Upon returning from a quest to see Luna, Emily returned with her eyes constantly showing the current Phase of Luna herself. Peering into her eyes is like seeing Luna's face. Battle Scars on her Chest and Back both over her heart. Craft 5 Tattoo of Chimera on her Back left Shoulder. Medium Loremaster Wisdom of the Ages


  • Date of Birth: 8/20/1995
  • First Change: 8/26/2017
  • Joined current Sept: September 2017
  • Helped in Planting a Caern seed in Early 2018
  • Helped in defeating a local hive in 2018
  • Closed a Wyrm Tunnel in St. Louis, MO - April 2018
  • Closed a Wyrm Tunnel in Grand Rapids, MI - 2018
  • Helped Destroy a Hive in Grand Rapids, MI -2018
  • Quested to Luna and was greeted by Selene in her stead -
  • Was touched by Gaia as she appeared in Grand Rapids, MI - March 2019

Friends and Allies


  • Emily was haunted by an ancient ancestor that seems to be very overprotective.
  • Emily is able to talk with more than just umbral spirits.
  • During the Caern seed planting, Emily brought a huge winter storm spirit that took out a wave of foes in one swipe. It’s said that the storm was dropping boulder sized hail and freezing the air solid.
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  • "We sent Emily into a Pentex facility over and over again for recon. Never once did she complain about all the badness she went through, she just did her thing, and got it done." - Muertow
  • "She is a good example of how young Garou should respond to these stressful and trying times. It's easy to break down from the pressure or fly into a rage and get people hurt. It takes strength of character and mind to keep moving forward despite the struggle presented to us, she has these attributes in droves." - Jon Lu

OOC Information

Player: Heather K.

MES Number: US2007101222

Player Email: gamerkalafut@gmail.com

Storyteller: Matt Howes

Storyteller Email: Ragingrapidsst@gmail.com

Location: Grand Rapids, MI