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Being a Southern gentleman, Emmett will not settle less than formal and looks down on anyone that decides to wear shorts to Elysium. You are Kindred for God's sake. Act like it. After all, it was his mother who always told him how to dress. He can always be seen wearing a sports jacket, either speaking about the necessary etiquette of polite society or quietly reading a book. He is known amongst polite society as the charming gentleman with Southern Flair.

Commonly Known Information


Name: Emmett Legrasse

Sect: Camarilla

Clan: Tremere


  • Emmett is actually an infernalist serving a great demon.
  • I heard Emmett is biding his time in OC, plotting to kill that nutjob of a Prince."
  • An Elder Assamite has taken an interest in his line and him specifically. There are rumors of prestation but is the Elder protector or executioner?
  • Emmett keeps the corpses of his parents in his haven.
  • Has betrayed his Clan to stay in the good graces of the Emir.
  • One of the only Tremere in recent memory that has visited another dimension and is an expert on their customs. Other Tremere are extremely jealous of him and seek his downfall because of it.
  • He is a cohort of a setite in a conspiracy to drug and alter the minds of all the kindred in Orange county.
  • He's actually an alternate identity of Ito, praetor of the Unblinded Brotherhood in the southwest.


  • Emmett is the ideal combination of Southern Gentlemen, scary wizard, and social revolutionary." Holly Wood
  • Mister Legrasse is so charmingly American. I look forward to working with him in the future to acquire items of mutual interest. Eleanor Westmont
  • "Oh, he's such a delight. A proper gentleman who speaks lovingly of his parents and is polite, even to me. By far the sweetest Tremere I've had the pleasure to share discourse with." - Maxine Chambers
  • "Emmett and I go way back. We've been known to make a bit of mischief, but nothing harmful. We're as gentle as a pair of lambs~" - Theo Lawson
  • An easily distracted tremere. It's amazing that he gets anything done; there's only so far playing sweet and innocent will take you." - Elika Rezaee
  • "Primogen LeGrasse is some of the most pleasant company I've come across. He reminds me of my time in Charleston. We need more gentlemen like him in our midst." ~Donzella Costigan
  • "He's a delight to speak with, from our brief interactions. He seems to play his cards quite close to the chest, but then again, don't we all?." ~ Alenzia Komnenos
  • "A means to an end.." ~ Enyo
  • "I hold no love or even respect for this Usurper, however after our dealings I grant him that he is a pragmatic one. Now we shall see if he follows through on his thoughts." ~Tyrus
  • "Other than my own Harpy, there is no one more capable of putting a snap in the verbal towel to the rear." ~Pansy Honeywell


Emmett hails from the great state of Louisana. Born in 1901, Emmett excelled in his school always pondering and asking the questions no one wanted, nor dared, to ask. A graduate of Loyola, Emmett dug his roots in New Orleans and continued his studies in anthropology. A member of the Historical Society of New Orleans, Emmett quickly established a reputation among the museums in the area and became a curator at some of the most prestigious museums in Nola. Then one dark and stormy night, [This section has been REDACTED and no public records are known.] [Tremere Only- The next day, he woke up in the mental ward of Mercy Hospital controlled by a coven of Tremere nuns where he was recruited in 1921 by House Tremere in New Orleans and finally embraced in 1928 on Halloween where he was introduced to into House Montague.]
Since then, Mr. Legrasse has been seen at various dig sites often on missions with members of his house and clan, searching deeper and deeper into unknown territories that others dare to not go. Some say his curious nature is a weakness. On the contrary, He will admit it is his greatest strength. Most recently, he has been known to grace the domain of Bortucal where he serves as Tremere Primogen. An ancilla not afraid to take risks that reap either reward or disaster has made an infamous name for himself within society but nonetheless the ancilla's light and future shines brightly for the Ivory Tower.

OOC Information

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