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Freedom cannot be bestowed — it must be achieved.

  • Clan: Gargoyle
  • Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
  • Sire: Chimera
  • Status: Elder of Clan Gangrel


Known History

Enyo remembers nothing of her life before, though her sire unabashedly tells her she was a ghoul of the Tremere he took for his own. The Gargoyle is often found around any conflict that has a tie to human rights.

Physical Description


Enyo: There are moments when a person can view the sculptures of the Old Masters and become lost in awe of the majesty that they wrought in unyielding stone. The Gargoyle known as Enyo is one such work of inspired artistry. She is shaped in the classical style of the feminine form as though the purest marble was somehow liquefied and poured into a mold, her body is white stone, inlaid with black veins that are trimmed with highlights of gold that draw the onlookers eyes to curves and almost inhumanly perfect details of her figure. Her hair is raw stony quartz, the same golden ribbons trailing through like wisps, glittering with tiny flecks of crystal embedded within (Social Focus, Appearance). Her eyes are gleaming polished marble of blank white, unmarred by iris or pupil, giving her an unearthly and unchanging gaze (Flaw, Eerie Presence). Her voice pours forth in slow, thick tones. A sound like honey being poured over granite that force the onlooker to pause and cling to every syllable. Her body moves in the same slow, methodical fashion, seeming to flow like lava and giving her an inhuman type of grace that serves to both accentuate her beauty as well as highlight how utterly alien she is even compared to other vampires.


  • Her sire has tried all manner of "interesting things" to make her grow wings, including throwing her off buildings.
  • Enyo holds "Gargoyle Patios." Where her clan sits outside a great home and talks about Fairies.
  • Enyo has had many lovers over the centuries, but she has one she will only speak wistfully. She will not mention their name, but will always smile sadly when she thinks of them.
  • For some unknown reason her childer refer to her as "Larry".
  • She is a member of The Foundation
  • The success of her Praxis is a lynch pin for the upcoming Gargoyle uprising.
  • She is Emmett's only successful experiment.
  • Her personal life crumbled when she began to gather personal power.

Theme Music

  • Puscifer - The Humbling River [[1]]
  • In This Moment - Roots [[2]]
  • The Misty Mountains Cold - The Hobbit [[3]]
  • Muse - Uprising [[4]]
  • Got No Strings [[5]]


  • Enyo on Hephaesti"Do you want to deal with an angry Methuselah? I know -I- do not want to deal with an angry Methuselah."
  • "You would be foolish to dismiss the Clan of Stone as brutes and beasts. They can be creatures of such singular beauty and tactical acumen that it may be considered a wonder as to how the Warlocks were able to birth them. I once knew a Gargoyle who was a perfect alabaster doll <trails off>...it would have been a mistake for me to dismiss her and I likely would not have faired the encounter well." – Lord Simon Kensington
  • "When you think of Enyo, let the first thing that comes to mind be how beautiful she is. Please." – Adyton
  • "I would introduce you to my childer, though she is better at introducing herself. She has the mind of a skilled diplomat but she has a lot of fury within her heart. I am proud to be her sire." - Chimera
  • "The child of alabastor is a work of art reminiscent of the great monuments of the old country." - Virgil Silex
  • "Ah, when we met she was fresh and sweet, ripe for the picking, sailing with her was quite the ride" - Pau Lamarca
  • "In anyone else, referring to oneself as a goddess would be the height of hubris and arrogance. In Enyo, with her mind ravenous for details on wars and conflicts through the centuries and her perfection of form, I feel it only apt." - Kha ibn Hafaz Al-Basir
  • "I have a hard time finding fault with her." *dead pan* - Apocryphus
  • "The tongue is but three inches long, yet can kill a man six feet high." - Po quoting a Japanese proverb when asked about Enyo
  • "Quelle œuvre d'art exquise?! Je veux dire, vous ne pouvez pas battre cette qualité de travail... une telle attention aux détails!" - Ludovic Pétion
  • "She has been an excellent associate. She is the Ivory that makes our Tower. If Clan Gargoyle had a dozen more like her, they would be a pillar clan within a half century". - Kira Mantle
  • "Enyo's good people, I consider her a friend. She's got a good sense of duty to her clan, her sect, and a very cool code of honor. I kind of hate her for all of it." Lorena Silva
  • "Well like she didn't like kill Brick for like asking how to like better kill her people, so we're good. I mean, like, you have to appreciate someone who like escaped the bondage of their enslavers and has like thrived." Karma
  • "Hey! Watch it! That's my Sister you are talking about!" Clyde Hudson
  • "Realgar told me that I would know you when I saw you, your beauty is quite stunning!" Madeline Durand Prince of Tampa
  • "Ambition is a Fire. I look forward to seeing what great things she forges with that fire, or if she will be consumed by it." Nepos
  • "If her appearance and her manners make you at ease, more fool you." Thaddeus Moreau
  • "I am always intrigued by her need to showcase her beauty. I sometimes wish she would let the darkness show. Maybe in time." Esteban Villa Lobos
  • "Chimera's praise did you no justice!" Felix Catto, Attorney-at-Law, Retainer to Haakon Rygg
  • "Though her flesh may be as stone, her heart is filled with a fire that I cannot help but admire... Tread lightly, lest find yourself kissed by it's flame." Talon Alenzia Komnenos
  • "The most exquisite piece of art the Black Market had for sale. How could I resist? She was beautiful under the lights in my nightclub until I took a closer look and realized it was time to call 1-800-gargoyle." Jared Wynters
  • "Members of Clan Gargoyle have always fascinated me. I do not speak of the Omen War around them, but I was there and I saw. I have watched them with great interest through the years, and find myself drawn further in as society changes now more rapidly than ever before. What will become of them, with leaders like Enyo? I am...excited, to see." - Aodhan the Druid
  • "Practical and formidable, I will always be an admirer of her tenacity, and hope she considers me a true ally." - Lord Doctor Villanueva of Sand and Sea
  • "She has proven to be a worthy fighter withstanding flames of my own making." -Emmett Legrasse
  • "A Gargoyle Prince?!?!? Oh man even I couldn't troll the Camarilla that hard, no pun intended" Lucius Brown
  • "My Grandsire is a thing of beauty, but she has her ugly side when crossed. Much like nature herself." Apophis
  • "Enyo is a shining example of the qualities that make up the very Foundation of the Tower. I was unsurprised when she claimed her Praxis. It is her natural state." - Realgar
  • "We had so much fun when you were young, why do you now keep your distance?" - Pau Lamarca
  • "With the right guidance she will accomplish great things." - Atrox
  • "Her very presence and beauty is breathtaking. The world for all of its decadence, has decayed and rotted away. The only thing that I have found that breathes life back into it is where she treads." Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "I have often admired her, her poise and grace. Yes, she is beautiful - that is but the veneer. The true beauty is in her stalwart devotion to her cause and the Camarilla. That said... she gives me the vapors!" Jozef Prinz
  • “I admit it freely: when I first laid eyes on Prince Enyo I found myself smitten. Its a shame that circumstances of these modern nights conspire to prevent a... deepening of our relationship.” Johann Prinz
  • “It is rare to find one who is so intuitively aware of their own Dharma, especially so within this new land.” Basir Khorram-Din
  • “I met Prince Enyo in Reno, and knew not what to think. I had heard rumor and supposition and propaganda about the Gargoyle peoples, but never met one. She has been naught but the most stalwart ally and friend a man can ask for. The Camarilla is well served by her Praxis.” Maksim Volk
  • "I met Enyo in Reno, When I for one was looking to flee due to the opression of Tremere. To my surprise she was working to circumvent it. Who knew that two people from different paths would have so many similar Ideals. I hope she indeed finds the place she is looking for in the world and perhaps finds peace that she deserves." Hidden Snake
  • "I hold my ties close, you are welcome to the Gangrel. You have the heart of family" Brynjar Hrafnsen

OOC Information

Player: Christina Campbell
Player Email: gargoyleenyo@gmail.com
Storyteller Email: bmk.cam.anarch.vst@gmail.com
Location: Orange County, CA