Enzo Giovanni

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Sire: Romano Giovanni
Childer: None


  • Accepted
  • Courageous


  • 1978 - Born in Las Vegas, NV
  • 1995 - Arrested and sentenced to four years in prison
  • 1997 - Released from prison early for "good behavior"
  • 1999 - Assists in the execution of a grand heist that brings him to the attention of his betters
  • 2002 - Moves to San Antonio, TX and receives the Proxy Kiss from Liliana Pisanob
  • 2008 - Moves to Florence, TX and is deeded to Lucy Giovanni
  • 2009 - Begins to work at The Sandstorm as a Bouncer.
  • 2017 - Lucy Giovanni begins to send Enzo to San Antonio to assist Liliana and the family with whatever they need.
  • 2018 - Embraced by Romano Giovanni



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Enzo is a known in the Clan for being a total little shit, but an effective little shit. He's currently the Mayor of Florence, TX and spends the majority of his time dealing with the business of the city. Known for his affinity with crime and manipulation of the Kine, he's relied on for his ingenuity and charisma, but is constantly in need of a good boss. With his Sire dead, he drifts through the Clan, looking for guidance.


  • Impatient
  • Sharp Dressed Man


  • This asshole seems to have a guardian fuckin angel
  • He was a major part of a multi-million dollar Maple Syrup heist in 2016.
  • Turns out he's not really Giovanni, just some sort of thin-blood mistake, which is why he got to keep his day job
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  • "For six years we did unspeakable things together. Then cousin Lucy tried to tame him. I think we both won with this one." - Lily Pisanob
  • "This behavior is most perplexing." - Arthur Conroy
  • "We thought I could teach him money management and subtlety. Here he is, a broke loudmouth, and I couldn't be more proud." - Lucy Giovanni
  • "What a delightful little party monster! I absolutely cannot wait to see him again and watch him sow a little revelry and chaotic joy." - Lillian Chandler
  • "Looked like the kid was, for the most part anyway, doin' his job and with reasonable competence. I hope to not witness otherwise." - Liam Dunsirn
  • "Not like sure who I like want to taste more, like him or Dolly." - Karma
  • "You say, we want the room and he leaves. Doesn't even question it. Keep doing that." - Payback
  • "Tankbuster." - Alexander Howell
  • "It is just so delightful to watch this little one blush so often." - Flora May Kensington
  • "There is something inherently pleasant about Enzo. There must be, because if anyone else called me Tony we'd have had sharp words." - Anthony Milliner-Ellison
  • "I gave him a glimpse of the deeper game, the true channels of power. Let us all hope that he paid attention." - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari
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  • Sarah Manning, Orphan Black - "What you don't know is that I already had all your bank cards and passwords; I was going to take you for everything you had."
  • Nathan Young, Misfits - "I have a dream; I have a dream where a man will be judged not by the colour of his skin but by the quality of his drugs."



Enzo Giovanni

Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independant Alliance
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Chase Jennings
VST: Austin, TX VST

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