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Clan: Harbinger of Skulls
Sect: Sabbat
Faction: Orthodoxy
Pack: Ashen Crowns
Titles: Priest, Bishop
Player: Tyler B.
Diocese: Essex County, MA
VST: Matt B.


Description and Notable Traits

  • Obviously inhuman (Path of Death & the Soul)
  • Keeper of a Sacred Text (Erciyes Fragment, scholar of the Second Generation)
  • Native Son of the Essex Diocese

Status Traits


  • Initated as a True Sabbat.


  • Ordained as the Priest of the Ashen Crowns pack.
  • Blessed/Enforcer as the Bishop of Spirituality of the Essex Diocese.


  • Loyal, by the Authority of Archbishop Deliverance Dane of the Ocean City Diocese.
  • Battle-Scarred, by the Blessed Bishop of War Hector Santos of the Essex Diocese.
  • Victorious, for success in a Game of Instinct at the Pioneer Valley Diocese.

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History: Timeline

Erasmus is a talented necromancer, erudite scholar, and solemn priest of the Sabbat. Calm to the point of utter detachment, the only topics that seem to earn anything resembling enthusiasm are academic discussions and his antipathy for the Giovanni. He often shrouds his head and shoulders in wrappings of black cloth, concealing his pale, corpse-like face.

  • 2009: First known appearance in Western MA; joins the household of fellow Lazarenes Leukorion and Susan Heidt.
  • 2016: Departs Leukorion's household, and arrives in the refugee-diocese of Essex County, MA.
  • 2018: Joins the Ashen Crowns pack as Priest.
  • 2019: Becomes the Bishop of Spirituality of the Essex Diocese, as part of Archbishop Olek's clergy. Reaffirmed as Bishop by Archbishop Alqanae.
  • 2019: Departs the Moderates faction for the Orthodoxy.


  • Erasmus never appears in person, only remotely through zombies or ghosts dressed up to look like him.
  • Erasmus waited until 2009 to join the Sabbat, and only did so because he knew in advance the hated Giovanni were about to break The Promise.
  • Erasmus only came to Essex due to a Favor called in by one of the Bishops from beyond the grave.
  • Erasmus isn't really a Lazarene: he's a neonate possessed by the vengeful spirit of a Cainite betrayed during the False Crusade.

Allies, Associates, and Enemies



  • "CHARACTERNAME is a giant bag of dicks, and a terrible excuse for a vampire." -- Enemy McEnemyface


  • "Enemy is a jealous idiot who will never amount to anything and I look forward to destroying them." -- Enemy McEnemyface


  • Blood on My Name, The Brothers Bright
  • Eyes on Fire, Blue Foundation

Character Inspiration

  • Jasnah Kholin, The Stormlight Archive