Erecul Tophroi

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Information Known by the Garou Nation
Name:Erecul Tophroi
Deed Name:Falcon's Grasp of Truth
Rank:Athro ●●●●
Tribe:Silver Fangs
Breed: Homid
House:Austere Howl
Camp:Sun Lodge
Society:Sanctum of Gaia
Sept:Oak Vale
Title: unknown
OOC Information
Player & membership #:Jacob A US2013050154
Storyteller:VST Email
Coordinator:Richard Barlett email

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Erecul WolfErecul Wolf resting

Silver FangsPhilodoxHomid Sept of Oak Vale

Floral Duval Bio.png and Floral Duvall History.png

"...your image is... in winter skies... its crystal glitters... in your eyes "

Erecul Tophroi (pronounced Tofroy) is always focused on tidiness and balance. All things must be balanced. He likes things being 'just so' and endeavours to make everything to his own liking. Erecul disdains violence when possible, though he knows it is sometimes necessary. He has gained a reputation as a good Private Detective for finding lost or missing Kin and taking them home to their families.

Erecul is a Silver Fang, and as such he holds himself to the highest standard of decorum and dress. He allows some leeway for the other tribes, as they are not as prominent as his own. Erecul is a consummate detective and always loves to have his mind busy puzzling out the details of a case, trying to keep his eye and ears sharp to his surroundings and his mind always poised to strike.

As a philodox, he believes that there is Right and there is Wrong. And we must always do what is right or be corrected. Being a Silver Fang and a Philodox he often feels his interpretation of the Litany is, of course, the correct one.

He was part of the Pack creation for: Temperance

Notable Traits

Ereculpaw.png Hight: 6ft
Ereculpaw.png Hair: Grey with full groomed beard
Ereculpaw.png Eyes: pale blue like looking into water or ice.
Ereculpaw.png Fame 2 as a private detective.
Ereculpaw.png Walks with a Cane


Ereculpaw.pngopen for ties
Ereculpaw.png1920's: Erecul was born in England
Ereculpaw.png1939: Erecul experienced his first change
Ereculpaw.png2009-2013: Travelling Europe for his work as a private detective
Ereculpaw.png2013: brief visit to Canada (TBC)
Ereculpaw.png2017: Erecul is a recent arrival back to the Sept, though has spent time at Oak Vale in the past


Floral Durvall Territory.png

"... your breath pants mist... in icy caves... You have made... so many graves..."

Chrinos "mine"

Ereculpaw.png To Be Arranged

Floral Durvall Quotes.png and Floral Durvall Rumours.png

"... loping through... the cold chill wood... it's secrets you... have understood"

hispo "Go Home"


Ereculpaw.png "Go Home" - Erecul to the many kin he was hired to find or rescue.
Ereculpaw.png "Sometimes longstanding friends can choose different paths to you and still be a friend even if you don't agree on everything - Naomi
Ereculpaw.png "A damn white knight that one is.. came in blazing with a sword an' everything. Damn fine individual." - Brigid O'Mannion
Ereculpaw.png "The only Philodox I've met who openly brags about his hypocrisy. Bravo for your honesty, Mr. Erecul." - 'Spector
Ereculpaw.png "Erecul is the epitome of a scholar and a gentleman, if you look between the lines you can see his picture there, epic beard and all." - Amber Lauren
Ereculpaw.png "Although I don't retract my previous assertion, as it reflects Mr. Tophroi's attitude at a particular point in time, having tested him I have found him to be exceptional in a far more important trait: humility. For that reason, I now count him as among the highest the Nation has to offer, as well as a personal friend." - 'Spector
Ereculpaw.png "Funny old wolf. A bit antiquated but brave. He reminds me of my grandfather back home." - Starbucks
Ereculpaw.png " Both of us are children of Falcon from different worlds. This wolf is glad to be led to Erecul" - LostMoon
Ereculpaw.png "I've known this old wolf for years. Still, a wicked wolf if there ever was one." - Keeva Tulloch
Ereculpaw.png "Quote here." - Name


Ereculpaw.png Has a crush on several women he has met.
Ereculpaw.png After a recent drag challenge, a petition has started to circulate demanding that he wear heels at all times 'for the good of the Nation's morale'.
Ereculpaw.png Rumor Here.

Floral Durvall Friends.png

"...born to lead... long of Fang... through the glaciers... your voice rang "
Wolf protecting his kin

Ereculpaw.png Naomi
Ereculpaw.png Elizabeth Tvarivich
Ereculpaw.png Keeva Tulloch
Ereculpaw.png Add your name here.


Floral Durvall Inspirations.png

Ereculpaw.png Hercule Poirot
Ereculpaw.png - "Empire of Angles".
Ereculpaw.png - 'Lone Wolf'
Ereculpaw.png - Attack on Titan cover
Ereculpaw.png - Attack on Titan


Ereculpaw.png VSS: