Eric Benjamin Lanćon

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Eric Lanćon

Sect: Camarilla
City: Dallas
Neonate standing

OOC Information

Player: David Willett
Storyteller: VST
Domain: Dallas

...Wait, are unicorns real too...



Eric was born May 26, 1989 In his "mortal" life Eric is the CEO of pharmaceutical startup, Lanćon Labs, Inc. a privately traded multi-million dollar company. He is a native of North Louisiana and studied biology and chemistry at Louisiana Tech University, before getting a graduate degree and PhD in biomedical engineering and Pharmacy respectively. Eric Moved to Dallas in December 2013 and was embraced on Jan 3, 2019. Abandoned by his sire after the embrace, Eric has no direct knowledge of them or even if they are alive or dead. Left adrift on the ocean of kindred society without knowing what he was, Eric reached out to the Anarchs and afterwards to the Camarilla of Dallas. While the Anarch Movement showed little interest in him, the Camarilla members were openly hostile. Only the Primogen of Clan Toreador, Alvie-D, showed any hospitality towards Eric, took him in and guided him in this new life as a vampire. Elder Scott of Clan Toreador also helped mentor Eric and introduced him to other Toreador. Without the humanity of the Toreadors, Eric would not be among the undead today.

Notable Traits and Oddities

CEO of Lanćon Labs, a bio-medical engineering lab, specializing in biologic pharmacology and hematology.

Known Associates

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Known Childer

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Open Hostilities

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  • "Alvie!! i cant believe i have to say this but, DO...NOT...MESS...WITH...THE...EXPLOSIVE...CAR" - Eric Lanćon
  • "Lancon? You should ask him about his product, that'll change things real soon." - Alvie-D
  • "No. In fact, "unicorns" are not real. If they were, we would own them." - Albrecht von Hohenzollern
  • "You've been given a horrible curse, a terrible burden, and a fantastic opportunity here, Herr Eric. - Albrecht von Hohenzollern
  • "your quote here." - Name

Rumor Mill

  • I heard his Grand-sire is with the Sabbat.
  • You know he killed some woman in Rowlett right?
  • Totally a Toreador infiltrator.