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UnalighnedAnkh.png First came the rains

A child was born in Mexico-Tenochtitlan to a priest of Cihuacoatl in the hot summer of 1427. The boy was a late bloomer and never gained much mass or muscle, and would have been cast out or sacrificed but for his quick aptitude for the priestly rites, and his quick feet. In his coming of age trials, instead of fighting or brutally murdering animals and rivals in single combat, this child used guile, pitting the other boys against each other, and relied on his keen eyesight and throwing arm to pick his enemies off before they could reach him. As the child of a priest he was never required to farm or croft, and so devoted himself to service to the Gods and ensuring that the rulers of Mexico-Tenochtitlan, and the 2 other tribes of the Aztec adhered to their faith and the will of the Gods.

Sacrifices were a common practice. To appease the Gods and ensure a fruitful harvest, the people would give of themselves every season. The young priest was blessed, chosen by the Gods to carry out the rites and collect the blood and organs of the sacrifice to be offered unto the Gods. He carried out this task dutifully for years, often accepting the offer of the Gods to take in a portion of the sacrifice himself. As his power grew, the priest learned to read the sky and the seasons, guiding the people and calling for their sacrifices to bring about fair winds and a strong harvest. At first the priest paid tribute to ancient gods, long sense forgotten, but in time, the people came to chant his name along with the old gods, Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl. The chanting and seasonal sacrifices to the Quetzalcoatl encouraged the Cihuacoatl and in the Christian calendar of 1447, Ehecatl ascended to his place among the Gods.

UnalighnedAnkh.png Then came the harvest

For 70 years the people of Tenochtitlan made their sacrifices to the Gods, ensuring fruitful harvests and victory over their enemies. The three tribes of the Mexico served and worshiped the Quetzalcoatl, living in peace until the Spanish came. And with them, came the Cainites.

For 2 years the Quetzalcoatl and the Aztec fought with the Spaniards and their Cainites. So devote were the people to their gods, and so potent the Quetzalcoatl themselves, that the Spanish Cainites decided to use less humane methods for expanding their domains. The disease was devastating. In a few months, the followers of Cihuacoatl & Ehecoatl's were all but eradicated.

The Spanish ruled in the Yucatan for over 20 years, nearly a lifetime for the Mayan people left after the plague. Ehecoatl lived in hiding among the people, staying close to his worshipers and trying to maintain their ways. Despite the best efforts of the Christians, the Aztec people maintained their faith in secret. Perhaps this is what brought the Inquisition to the Yucatan.

For nearly 100 years Ehecoatl hid among the Mayans, fighting for their way of life against the Spanish and the Sabbat. Eventually the Followers of Set caught up with Ehecoatl, and Serapion captured him, taking him to Europe to explain... well, everything.

The stories of the once God Ehecoatl, Lord of the Harvest and the East Wind, fade into obscurity after the Inquisition purges the Yucatan. Rumors of a strange light skinned but dark haired prisoner priest of the Setites surface in Europe near 1700, but there are no confirmed sightings of the young priest until 10 years after the American revolution.

Like so many other refugees and immigrants of the time, the man calling himself Eric Cottle was just one more piece of flotsam washed up in the Boston harbor. Were it not for Rhiannon Byrd and her colleagues and connections, the poor foreigner may very well have perished on the fangs of a Scourge or Sheriff. Nonetheless, so far from home and his cults, Ehecoatl struggled mightily. After years of hiding himself and his conspicuous habits in the North, he made arrangements to be smuggled to the South, where he might be more likely to find his own people... or at least those others who remember the old ways. Eventually Eric Cottle made his way back to the Yucatan, into what was now the heart of the Sabbat.

Sporadic worship of the Old Gods continued in Central America for centuries in the form of oral traditions, myths and occasional sacrifices. In 1847 the Old Gods made a move to try to restore some part of their world. The Great Mayan revolt ended in peace, and the recognition of the State of Chan Santa Cruz, and in the near total annihilation of the Mayan decedents. All that remain now are the those most favored by their Gods, in the darkest parts of the jungle.

During the fighting and deals cut, eventually Ehecatl is captured again. This time his punishment is more severe. The once god is reclaimed by the Followers of Set. As befitting a God Emperor (in their faith), Ehecatl is mummified as a Pharaoh might be and entombed in Egypt, amidst a great deal of gloating.

UnalighnedAnkh.png American Gods

With the Red Star came a week of thrashing and burning for Ehecoatl. The absolute darkness of his tomb was pierced with light as though from the sun itself. In a blood starved haze and covered in rags and ribbons, the God broke from his prison and gorged deeply on those around him... or he would have, were it not for Jimmy Kincaid. With his help, Ehecoatl, again called Eric, found his footing in the modern world.

Soon after his resurrection, The Mayans found him. Despite all the years and the difficulties faced by their race, some of his ancient followers had kept tabs on his resting place in the hopes of one day again basking in the fertility and love of their Gods. With their help, Eric struck out west to try and rebuild his own power and gain an understanding of this new world. The age of Gods was over. Now he was just another lick (according to the Sabbat).

UnalighnedAnkh.png Cult of Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl


Here's the history of his Cult and what they've been doing.


UnalighnedAnkh.png Rumors

  • Eric threatened to end the Painted Serpent and his entire line last year. For this, he was hunted down and captured in Seattle and has not been heard from since.

UnalighnedAnkh.png Allies & Enemies

  • "Bless his heart." - Lucy Giovanni
  • "Something something " - Name

Clan=Follower of Set
Status= Elder
Domain=Seattle, WA
Contact Info =Ian Mosley
VST =Seattle VST