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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Eric “Silikong” Solomon

Notable Traits: Diverting, Calculating

Pack: Nameless

Faction: Concordat of Stars

Sept: Warrior's Wisdom


Eric “Silikong” Solomon loves infiltration. Whether it’s via hacking or walking straight in his target’s door while disguised, Eric loves digging dirt and using it to bring down his enemies.

Born of two Shadow Lords, his parents were killed by the Judges of Doom after he was born for their breaking the Litany. The Judges raised him, instilling in him the importance of the Litany. Still, he believes that the Metis are not to be reviled and shamed as he was, and strives to prove that even Metis are as worthy as any Garou in the Nation.

Though he enjoyed the company of Merle, it wasn’t until 2014 his life grudgingly began to brighten up. He invited a Stargazer from the Beast Courts to Arizona. His original purpose was to help show the local Garou Nation how Metis can serve the Nation as well as (if not better than) “Proper Garou”. The Stargazer, Maki Taihi, brought his Kitsune friend, Kishi Romanov, with him. They, along with the others in their pack, he felt mildly less judged… Only mildly.


  • All total bullshit, Eric is a homid who pretends to be a metis, so others will underestimate him.
  • Eric goes to great lengths to avoid dogs. Perhaps he has a secret fetish for that kind of "Lupus" love.


  • "His dharma is heavy, like all other metis. It is hard to find peace with yourself when you're trapped in futile desire to force people to think other than they do. Hopefully he'll find that peace, because he harshes even my mellow." - Pockets
  • "Love this kid. He's got like no brain mouth filter and it's amazing. Can't wait to see the type of ragabash he grows up to be." - Indigo Stone

OOC Information

Player: Alex Kincheloe

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Storyteller: Connor Nigrovic

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Location: Arizona